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Please Read This Prior to Posting
We understand that you may have questions about our products from time to time, and we want you to have a place to reach out to the YI Community for support. If you would like to speak directly with our YI support staff to get help with any trouble you’ve run across with either your YI or Kami Home products or apps, please email

Product Wishlist

This is your place to shine! Share your thoughts and ideas for Kami Home products. What would you like to see?


A place where the YI community can find out which products are currently in the beta testing phase, offer their beta testing services, and give their feedback on products they are currently beta testing!

Caught on YI

Every day Kami users discover something new on their cameras, it could be cute, scary, exciting, or just straight-up hilarious. If you caught something on Kami that got you rolling on the floor with laughter or that left you shocked because your pets are wilder than you thought when you’re away - Feel free to share those videos with the community! Let us laugh and cry with you! Please be aware that this forum IS public, so do not share anything you wouldn’t want your kids, parents, professors, dentist’s or bosses to see! If it’s too good to keep to ourselves - we may even share it on our social media accounts!

Community Talks

This is a place for you to talk with your fellow Kami community members about all things Kami. Share your experiences, exchange expert tips, or ask each other questions! All that we ask is that you keep the discussion on Kami Home products


YI Store is the official store of YI Technologies, Inc. Browse our products from YI Home Cameras, Kami Smart Home Security Cameras, and the best car dash cameras.

Rules and Laws

Easy way to find out about our Privacy Policy rules, Terms of Service and other policies around YI and Kami products.