iOS app problems

Hi community,

I have 4 Yi Home 1080p camera’s. However, since yesterday I noticed I could not connect to the camera’s any more. I’m using the following with the App:

  • iPhone X -> cannot log in to app any more (Network connection timeout, please retry later. error)
  • iPhone 6 -> can get into app, but keeps searching to connect to the cameras
  • Samsung A52 -> can get into app and camera’s, however only on 4G. on Wifi doesn’t connect to camera.

Actions I’ve taken to solve:

  • Resetted router (we have a Huawai 4G router as we live remotely)
  • Resetted Apple airports (who we use as extenders)
  • Removed and re-downloaded the app on the iPhone X. Since then I get the “network connection timeout”-error and cannot log in.

As the camera’s are important to us (we have a baby and one on the way, and for outside safety), this is absolutely a problem. The camera’s have worked perfectly for over a year, but suddenly, halfway through the day, these issues happened. Please help!


Hey @Engel Thanks for the through feedback. Super helpful for us to understand the issue and what’s going on.

This is definitely a strange one. Sounds really frustrating. Lets do what we can do get this figured out.

Are you using the Yi Home App or the Kami Home App?
What happens when you are on LTE with iPhone X?
Recently updated iOS?
Any changes to the router where it may block the camera from connecting?

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Hello, I have similar problem as@Engel, I lost connection to my apartment cameras thru the Apple “Mi Home-Xiaomi Smart Home” application. The cameras and Wi-Fi connection have been reset several times by my neighbor. Still, I cannot see my cameras on my iPhone. It shows “0” devises. I am out of my apartment and cannot reset my iPhone and cameras by the devise proximity.

Would be very appreciated for any help.

Hey @evgueni Thanks for coming to the community for more information. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your camera.

What region are you located?
Are you a cloud subscriber?
Can you download the Yi or Kami Home, or Yi Life App and login there with your account credentials? Check if all your cameras are added to your account there

Thanks for your patience. I look forward to your response.

Hi there I’ve recently had an update on my YI home app and its rendered useless I’ve reset the camera, my wifi router and my phone. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app and it comes up with the home page but wont let me do anything else, when can this be fixed as i have ran out of ways to try and get this to work


Yi doesn’t seem to realize the how important our security is. They put out a little update to the update this morning and it only fixed 1 minor issue. The rest of the BIG issues are still there. Someone could break in right now and my camera’s would be of any use to the police because we can’t go back and look at the footage after the 3 sec clip. Can’t even make the full screen come up so we can see past all the new text all over the small portrait orientation viewing window. It’s broken once again. A while ago, they had to roll the app update back and I wish they would do that this time as well. Our security is important. They should roll this back and work on it behind the scenes, test it with their own employees for a few weeks, then put it back out.


Hi all, late response:
The problem was with my DNS coming forth out of the Apple Airports. Added and to the DNS servers and problem solved. Weird, as my wife with her Android could access them, but at least now it’s fixed. So, if you have these issues, look at the routers (and extenders) DNS, might solve the issue.

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Sorry but everyone doesn’t have an Android! I have used YI home cameras for over a year now and nothing was wrong until now. I can NEVER get someone on the phone, but one thing they do faithfully is TAKE THEIR MONEY every single month. I have 3 tickets with “YI” and nothing has worked. Two agents told me to purchase another camera, but why when I have this one? Are they going to give me my money back for this one?? No.


Hi guys!
Hope everyone is okay!
I have a similar problem since yesterday… I pay a monthly subscription for 5 cameras and I can’t see the 6s clips anymore. I can load the live part but when I want to play back an alert it says I have to buy a subscription which I already have… I’ve cancelled and resign up for it but it doesn’t work… any idea?

Thank you in advance

I have been using these cameras and app for monitoring my mentally challenged son throughout the house, the last 5 years. This has been a God-send for our situation. We have never had a cloud subscription because there is no need for recordings. The last update has included the full screen option into the speaker option. My wife and I literally spend 15 minutes trying to get full screen mode everything my son moves to another room. Multi room view does not work well for our needs. Is it possible to fix this feature otherwise I will have to return the 5 cameras just purchased and search for a new system. Please advise. Thank you

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Same here! Update mess things up. Having hard time connection to camera to live view.
App crashin …

Is your router using any type of security software like “Netgear Armor”?
If it is, trying disabling Armor or security software temporarily and try connecting to your cameras.

Also, make sure your cameras are on the 2.4ghz frequency as well as your phone.
Once setup your phone can access the cameras while the phone is on 2.4 or 5ghz.

Good luck

I have 6 YI cameras what are now no use since the last update please look into it

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Yi is already investigating the issues some customers are experiencing.


Hello All - We have released updates to address the bugs from the original release. Please update your app to the newest version. And, to learn more about the new release, follow this link:

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So much for their lifetime support guarantee no one has any idea how to fix it shireking

Has any body tried to go on the new app at YI or KAMI then they would understand the problem it needs fixing now shireking

To be clear this is an issue with the V5 app (not firmware or anything like that). No one from Yi is giving any guidance on this. Probably because the support guys like in most orgs are the last to know what is happening or why…

Had email from Kami support saying to stop complaining trying to solve problems we will see how long it takes shireking

This is part of the reply Unfortunately, we are not able to revert the recently updated version of the App. We are finishing up a few educational videos to better explain the differences in the App. In the meantime, please visit our blog entry with some screenshots and an explanation of the changes.