iOS app problems

I do not understand why they cannot revert back to the previously working version whilst they look into the issue; they did so last year after many complaints…… Simply pointing their users to ‘educational videos to better explain the differences in the App mean nothing to SD Card users. Yi have made a large mistake and the feedback is simply not good enough.


Totally agree don’t no what else we can do going to try and email the boss shireking

I completely agree! The “super awesome, simplified new user interface that your team has been working on” is a major step backward for iOS YI Home users. Please allow users to select and install a previous working version of the App, and stand down from pushing the cloud subscription, otherwise what’s the purpose of including an SD Card in the camera?


How many people have got to complain to get a response
They have made a big mistake just FIX IT

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You can still use the SD card functionality though. I agree it’s not as simple but SD card functionality is still available.

You can’t use the SD functionality or any other functionality if you’re unable to access anything….

Constantly offline (apart from Yesterday when I could access all day?) 1% loading, reminiscent of the old dial up network.

Been using the Yi outdoor for sometime now without any real unreliability issues, but lately, it’s completely useless…

Located in WM, U.K.

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Yes thanks, I understand, but using the new App version 5.0.1 is not as straightforward, and access to playback activity prioritizes the cloud storage for viewing. I don’t subscribe to cloud storage and the activity screen only shows the activity under the cloud icon. The SD Card activity is blank. Selecting a Cloud activity only shows a 6 second cloud recording. To view the SD Card storage requires using the scroll bar which is cumbersome compared to the previous version (4.7.2). Deleting activity from the SD Card one at a time using the scroll bar is a challenge. I usually just reformat the SD Card. My point is this new release is a setback and should have been tested more thoroughly before being released.

Yup, well aware of this, but network is 100%, all responses are 10, Virgin router and camera are well within parameters, has worked without issues previously (apart from a previous App update that was subsequently rolled back)

It’s been a damn good camera, I’ve used it as police evidence as recently as a month ago, but is now unreliable to the point of it going in the bin, which would be a shame….

@YorkshireUser ~ You say “SD Card functionality is still available”. Sorry but apart from a scroll bar which is bad at best, what about the missing individually date/timed Activities or the ability to make a short video clip from when the SD Card noticed movement? SD Card functionality may still be there but it is in such a crippled way it rules it impossible for use (which is what I strongly believe is what Yi trying to achieve)…… make it difficult and force users to change to premium cloud services.

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I am not saying it is great but what I’m saying is that functionality (recording and playback) does remain. It’s clunkier now and that’s something I understand Yi is looking to polish (my opinion it does need that) but fundamentally the SD functionality remains.

Do I agree with people saying Yi want people to use the premium cloud absolutely not. But it does look like the six seconds cloud alerts storage has changed. And the product descriptions would support this.

However does this mean Yi are forcing people to use premium cloud, it does not in my opinion because the cost involved for a end user are some of the cheapest in the sector and i wonder what profit per account Yi actually makes on premium cloud perhaps not a lot. I think the consumer offerings are value for money and their business activities support the relatively low cost consumer offerings.

But I do support the UI is less intuitive when a customer used a previous iteration.

@YorkshireUser ~ So, if recording and playback remain… What is the point if a user cannot make a timed video clip from an SD Card activity?

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We are working to fix that app. No features were removed. Only some bugs as a result of the new UI changes. We are releasing an update next week that addresses ALL your issues. Your frustrations are warranted. Please be patient with us.


Nothing have been fixed with the last update everything still buggy … just to connect to camera it take like a minute …

Ill be patient as they said they are again fixing it but in like a week or so ill change my 4 cameras at home !


Everything was workin fine until they update the app V5 … so its not our configurations for sure …

Yes you are quite correct… frustrating to say the least.
The magnitude of not being able to make a recording and with it no date/time stamp on the playback makes it impossible to hand anything over to the authorities…… It leaves the owner in a sense of distress, hoping they do not need the security. This is not the same as any other App that suffers bugs, this is much much worse.

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I have been trying to cancel my cloud with NO response from anyone. Then I am informed that I can only cancel with an Android device. I have been a customer for years and do not deserve this treatment.

What do we have to do to get it fixed it’s broken fix it