Yi Home cameras keep corrupting the SD cards.

I have 10+ cameras & have gone through 30+ SD cards because the cameras keep corrupting the cards. I could understand 1 or 2 cards in the bunch, but not ALL of the cards.

All of my cards are sandisk. & I have tried the regular, the ultra, the elite, the extreme, & the extreme pro. Every single one of them gets corrupted by the cameras.

The cards will work fine for a while until they get full, & then the cameras stop writing to the cards & corrupt them.

I have tried to format the SD cards but every thing i have tried fails. I have tried the in application format, it says that it has worked, but it really has not. I have tried it on a regular computer. Even if i try to manually delete the files from the SD card, it acts like they are deleted, even if you refresh the view. But once you unmount the card & mount it again the files are back.

Doing a disk check does not work either, it hits a file & says that there is an error in the file size & then it exits.

Even a defrag fails.

We sincerely apologize for the troubles you’ve had with the app. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact. Thank you.

Is “kamihome” going to be any better than “yihome”? Because i’ve already contacted “yihome” for support & they were no help. All they told me is that ‘it should not be doing that’.

Which, no offense, is common sense & the whole reason for me contacting them & you.

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I guess i’ll just wait a bit longer for a response. =\

It has been over a month, & no response or help on this topic.

It seems that “kamihome” is just as unhelpful as “yihome”.

It looks like i am just going to have to find a better company to get security cameras from.

Ha Ha Ha Ha
Typical “support” from this company!
It has been 6 months with NO reply from them!

It just goes to show you how little they care about their customer base.

The only time I’ve had an SD card fail is after the power has gone out and then comes back on.
Not sure if there’s a voltage spike happening at that moment. But that’s the only time my SD cards have failed.

I’ve tried formatting the SD cards while they’re installed in the device and from a computer.
No luck.

I end up replacing the SD card and everything is back normal.
Again, from my personal experience my SD cards fail on a power failure/restore.