Paid for subscription but account not active

I paid for a subscription for my camera. iOS shows it under my subscription section and there is a check mark beside the plan I paid for. The money has already been deducted from my account but the app doesn’t show I have paid and tries to make me purchase another subscription. I have emailed customer support it received no response.

Hi @soulcain, if you go to the ‘Discover’ tab in the app, then click ‘cloud settings’ do you see your cloud plan (shown below circled in red) in the ‘service’ area? You can ignore any messages that say ‘unlock your free trial’.

If you can see your plan, you may still need to attach your cameras. Please refer to the clip below with steps showing how to do that.

The camera is paired, I can watch live feeds and the 6 second recording of motion detection. It does NOT show up in discovery just in iOS settings subscriptions.

Thanks for the info. I just sent you a private message to get your contact details so I can follow up with customer support.

This same thing has happened to me although mine just suddenly stopped cloud being accessible. I’ve been paying £3.99 pm and then I’ve had to fork out £40 as it said I had no plan. Now I can’t even access the £40 plan I’ve paid for!!!

I have the same problem. On my YI Home App running on iOS 14.2 I can see my cams, I receive notifications, but I can’t see anything from the cloud. I still have a Premier YI Cloud Plan for 5 cams, 15 days starting from Jun 03 2020 till Jun 04.2021.

after switching the cams off an on again it seems to work again. Only the device list on the cloud settings remains empty.

Sorry, this was not the right solution, cloud service is not working.

Hi @miku glad to see that switching the cams off and on again helped this work again. Any luck with the device list on the cloud settings?

You can also try our Kami Home app from the iOS or android stores. You can log in to Kami Home with your Yi Home app info. This may resolve your device list.

Let me know how it goes!

This has also happened to me and I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled also turned off the cameras and nothing has helped…

Hi @Goggles_burn we have two apps the Yi Home & Kami Home app. Are you using the Yi or Kami app?

Yes I’ve actually used both because I wasn’t sure if I had the most updated app. And it still didn’t work it still says that I have to buy a subscription yet my subscription just renewed yesterday so it’s purchased

same here mate I cannot get the benefits of premium membership

@Patrico @Goggles_burn I am sorry for any issues you have been having with our cloud subscriptions not linking correctly. I am going to send you both a message so we can gather some info to get this fixed. Thanks for your patience and for reaching out to the community.

Hey @Patrico. may I know the model of your camera that you are trying to link with your Cloud subscription?