Kami doorbell skill in UK

At the moment the Kami doorbell skill is not in the Amazon UK (only Kami Camera), when will be added in UK?

Thank you

Thanks for coming to the forum. Can you confirm you’re unable to use the doorbell with the Kami Camera skill?

Hi, I can use with the kami camera skill but I don’t have the image on alexa from doorbell, only announcement. Why in US kami doorbell is available and in UK not?


@Steven_Kami Any updates when will be available the Kami doorbell skill in UK?

Hey @sebastalian I have given your feedback to our team and let them know it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I will check again and get back to you soon with a firm answer. Thanks for your patience!

@Steven_Kami do you have an update on Kami doorbell alexa skill in UK?