Continuous Recording Gone?

I have a couple of Yi cameras. I bought them all and put in large SD cards so that I would not require a cloud subscription. Now, it appears as if Yi has forced a firmware update, which cleared all my recorded videos, and now the only option is 6 seconds of motion detection.

Say it ain’t so?! Not only would this make the camera pretty much useless without a cloud subscription, but it’d be a grievous breach of trust from Yi!

I’m willing to ignore that it updated without my permission and erased my videos, but I’m going to be very angry if continuous recording is permanently removed.


Hi @Stealth, I am so sorry to hear that your videos were deleted. You should still have full recording duration range, 6- 60 seconds, and continuous recording. Even without a cloud subscription. May I ask which cameras you are referring to?

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@KamiHome @Stealth I also have noticed I only can select 6 sec recording.


@Stealth @MilkinMore If you turn off motion detection you should be able to record continuously as long as the SD card has enough space.

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Stealth did you finaly figure out how to make the camera record more than 6 seconds ?
Thank you

If you turn of motion detection then you can not record is that correct?

If you turn off motion detection you should be able to record continuously as long as the SD card has enough space.

In order to record continuously to the microSD card, you will need to disable the “Activity Detection Recording” in “Settings”. To disable, click on the toggle switch. If the color changes from green to grey, the function is disabled. Instead of videos only being saved when activity is detected, the camera will continuously save all footage to the SD card. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Hi. I have the new wireless kami outdoor cctv and bought a large sd card and again am restricted with the 6 sec thing… Plus the motion detector is rubbish… I’m testing it in the house se before mounting it and it’s not picking us up walking past? I updated the firmware.
Re the continuous recording - I don’t have the option you do above…
Disappointed so far… I have the indoor yi one and always thought it was brilliant

I have also just received my cameras and I have also brought large SD cards to record them.

I have looked at the setting tab and the action above isn’t there. Can @KamiHome confirm if you now can’t save files on a SD card or what is going on.

I have only just brought these and was told I could save all the recording on a SD card and is why I paid a lot of money for good SD cards.

I am not happy if this feature has been removed. I am not willing to pay £18 per month to save the recordings to the cloud.

Can you please confirm?


@LAF all cameras have what is called “Cool off period” for a battery outdoor camera, once a motion is detected it will record for anywhere between 6 secs to 60 secs on SD card or cloud (if you have non then it will be limited to 6 secs) once that is done the camera will go into sleep state for anywhere between 3mins to 10mins (this is cool off period and is set by the alert frequency) Low means longer cool off higher implying shorter sleep times.
Essentially the battery camera can record upto 1 mins then goes to cool off period for 2 to 3 mins, therefore you were not getting alerts after alerts. This is done by camera manufacturers for two reasons 1. to reduce annoying repeated alerts 2. improve battery life so you dont have to charge it again and again

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@LAF we hope the above explanation by Yamin helps to explain how motion detection works on a battery-powered camera. Let us know if you have further questions!

Hi. Only just seen this. Thanks for the explaining this. My next question. I have a 32gb SD card installed. I’ve set this to 20 sec recording. Will this loop when the car is full or do I need to formate it?

@cio2001 no you dont need to format, it should delete old footage a re record, however understand this process damages SD card, the SD card technology only allows for so many read writes, we do recommend to switch to cloud if you need reliable storage. option

Why is there is extra cost for cloud storage on the Kami app and it’s only £10 on the YI website. I am happy to sign up to the £10 per month one for cloud. Can you help @KamiHome

@cio2001the cost on Kami app is Extra because of IoS (apple in app purchase takes $3 from every $10) so I recomend to buy the cloud from YI Website it will also work for Kami cameras and is 30% cheaper. I also recommend to get a yearly plan its best value for money

This is happening to me as well I have 7 cameras and they are all slowly doing this which means they are useless to me. I got these because I didn’t have to pay a monthly fee. Matter a fact after hurricane I lost 5 cameras and was so happy with their performance I went on Amazon and bought 5 more to replace the ones I lost in hurricane and replaced all sd

Continuous recording via locally installed SD cards continues to be possible and remains a popular choice for Yi and Kami owners.

Can you describe what issue you are getting and what you mean by this slowly happened.

Irrespective of cloud subscription you get the free six seconds alert which then should allow you to view additional footage via your SD card. Can you check in settings that activity detection recording as not been activated.

Folks I was able to get it to work. The steps I took were:

  • Disable Motion tracking under Smart Detect Settings
  • Disable Activity Detection Recording
  • Go to Micro SD card and format it (this forces the camera to reboot) now it’s back to recording continuously.

Hope that helps.