Beware: usubscribing from autorenewal is unnecessarily complicated

Hey all, Just a forewarning about how unnecessarily complicated it is to unsubscribe from YI’s services. A few months ago I signed up for auto renewal and decided to cancel. The PC app doesn’t have a feature that allows you to unsubscribe. Neither does the iPhone app. When I reached out to YI customer service, it took four days for them to finally tell them that if I want to unsubscribe then I’d have to contact my credit card company and remove the automatic payment. This seems unnecessarily complicated to me. YI should update their software to allow users to unsubscribe with the touch of a button.


Hello MikeW,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have sent your comments to the correct department for review. Do you have an cloud service that you would like to unsubscribe from? You can leave your user name (email) here and I’ll make the requested changes for you. You can also email and refer to ticket #427218 if you chose not to leave your username here in a public forum.


Hello MikeW,

I have an undate to your post about not have the ability to unsubscribe from our Yi cloud plan. Our engineers will enable the ability to cancel cloud service plans from our YI website cloud page.

I will keep you posted as to the live date for this requested function.


@MikeW next week cloud management page will be ready and live onYI website you can login through the subscribe button and manage the service, we are aware of this issue that started 2 months ago, and has been fixed

Hi. I have the same problem, I can’t unsubscribe. My cam is not supported on the cloud. I’ve sent an email to the email address above. I really hope I dont have to block my whole bank account because if this.

Hi @Ildy I can see your email to customer support. There is a bit of a backlog right now but someone will get back to you and help you cancel the subscription.

I have 23 active cameras and 15 of them are on a yearly subscription for YI Cloud Service. I enrolled for the “free” cloud service for a limited time on two new cameras and I would like to cancel the cloud those two and move them to an existing YI cloud plan. When I use the app and enter “Manage Plans” and try to cancel these two individual plans the “button” to actually cancel the plan is not activated, therefore preventing me from cancelling these two plans. One will auto-renew on 12-2-2020, the other on 1-25-2021. How do I cancel these plans ??? This appears to have been an issue for some time. I can shut down the autorenewal feature with my payment account but that will shut down all my accounts (and cost YI a lot of business…). I really just need to shut down the two single camera accounts. What’s the deal ?

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Hey @jbucking thanks for commenting on this thread! Sorry to hear your’ve having issues but glad to see you’ve come to the right place to get them resolved.

I am going to private message you and tag our support staff to jump in and get this taken care of for your a.s.a.p.


Thank you. I did send an email to , but would appreciate anything you can do to expedite the matter. I will look forward to hearing from you.

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@jbucking the quickest and best way for your to get the results you need is to work with our incredibly customer support staff. They know the in’s and out’s. And, will make sure this gets taken care of for you.

Your patience is immensely appreciated.

I did hear from them. Thank you for your help !

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@jbucking thanks for your patience! Glad they could help :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I paid the free trial and its the 5 camera one. I only have one camera. It wouldn’t let me cancel so I renewed my plan but I did it for the single camera. I am already a premium member and it is still trying to charge me $79 for five cameras that I do not have. I only have one. Thank God I have no money in my checking account or it would have charged me the $79. how can I fix this? I already sent two emails and no response at all. Its Christmas. I dont have money to just give away.

Hey, @JustCooks Thank you so much for reaching out. And, welcome to the community. I am going to send you a direct message so we can get to the bottom of this.

Hello Steven,
Can you please message me as well because I’m having the same issue.

If you would like to turn OFF auto renewal for your sub, please contact our support team at or email Our stellar team is standing by to help!

I have contacted your customer support to cancel my subscription and each time they email me back asking to me to confirm. And each time I tell them that I want to cancel ASAP. This sounds like a scam company to me because they won’t let me cancel.

Hi Staven,

just want to ensure i addresed my problem.
I just discovered that I am still being charged with the plan bills on my credit card since requesting the cancellation. Kindly check the problem, and take necessary action to refund the bills.

I am waiting for your immediate response. Thank you in advance.