Kami Home or YI Home application for PC no longer works

hello I have just changed to buy a DELL XPS15 9520 and there is windows 11 Pro
I can no longer run my PC applications on it
while it worked very well on the previous one bought 6 months ago DELL XPS19 9510 with windows Pro

I can not enlarge the images of the cameras
it freezes
the bit rates are blocked in reception when I put 9 cameras


PC 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-12900HK 2.50 GHz

I have no problem running or YIHomePCClientIntl or Kami on W11Pro. I don’t remember what name the Kami app had. I uninstalled it because of similarity and I didn’t need two. The YiHome app has more current DLLs when I examined them. You might try the other whether YiHome or Kami.

Thank you for the reply. I uninstalled and reinstalled each of the apps several times. And I always have the same problem whatever the application.
My PC is new and it has never worked while I have the same one with a different processor but the same version of Windows 11 and everything works properly
I think the problem comes either from the compatibility with the processor or with the graphics card