Trouble Pairing YI Dome Camera 1080p

@Natalie - The camera you have I cannot find in the UK so whether or not it is only for certain regions. I hope The replacement camera you receive works fine and without issue.

My thoughts at the price point, if they last 12-24 months then that is value for money. However I do think they will last longer than that.

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Hi Steven

I have a a YI Dome 1080p Camera I was using for last 12 months and as the image was strange I made a reset and now Im stuck at the pairing stage (waiting to connect). I tried reset; scan with 2 iphones, 1 iPAD; changed brightness (last time when turning it low it worked), tried screenshot on TV and laptop and none worked. Of course I tried fez networks, changed power cable and tried all I could but still not able to scan the barcode. Is the camera broken or shall I try with firmware update as last try and if so where to download the latest formware as not findable on YI or Kami website … It is the YI Dome 1080p with rectangle basis. Thanks for yoru help.

@NetMs If your camera is paired to your account, your firmware should update to the current version automatically. Have you looked in your camera settings for your firmware?

If this continues, we may want to loop in our technical support team.

@Natalie When you get your new camera, let’s talk. I will talk to our team about the firmware.

@Steven_Kami. Ok. Thank you very much!

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I have the same issue with a camera Yi Home Guard. it worked fine two month until the firmware where update , two weeks ago , from now. I have changed de the wifi password , deleted the camera at yi home, reinstale yi home, tested in other diferrent networks (ethernet, mobile ) but with the same messange when pairing : “Waitting to connect”
tere are forums that suggest to install with a micro SD the original firmware but i coudnt find it in the internet

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@julioalbertoespejo nobody wants me to give a firmware file. I asked support team for times - they answered that they didn’t understand me…
Nobody pay attention to this problem.
Yes. They have sent me a new camera. And it works fine. But how long?
I am still waiting for firmware file because I really need it.

@Natalie ,I bought it in YI official store on AliExpress, but they didn’t answer to me. The answer froml Alexandra from support:
Dear Julio,

I’m waiting for the correct firmware for your camera, will get back to you soon. Sorry for your waiting.

Best Regards,


If the camera is working fine I’m just wondering why you need the firmware? The issue you had with your precious camera looks like it was hardware issues.

Any firmware updates are done via the app

Good afternoon, the reason for requesting the original firmware is that the camera was working fine until before updating it in November 2020

What is your firmware version?

hello @Natalie @julioalbertoespejo If you’re camera is working correctly and paired, the firmware is automatically updated to the correct version via the app. Can you please check your version of firmware and post it on this thread?

@Steven_Kami, the last firmware updated on november 2020 was , in My yi dome guard camera

Hey @julioalbertoespejo Way to notice the release date! That is always helpful for community members to know.

All firmware updates included the date they were released in the file name.

That is the most up to date firmware for the Yi Dome Guard. I will inquire with our development team as to when the next firmware update is to be released.

Hi @Natalie and @Steven_Kami
Sorry to write to you in this old thread, but I am in the same situation as you. My Yi Dome Guad camera (model KFUSY36) does exactly the same as yours (as seen in your video). I have contacted the support and they have sent me the same firmare file to update it (one_r30gb.bin) but I have not got any results. I have put the file in the root of my MicroSD card formatted in FAT32 (not exFAT) and the camera now is bricked and dont work anymore (no motor moves, no speak). I could not find another fimware file or another way to update the camera. I cannot update the camera via App because it is not associated with my account since I cannot pair it, so the only method is to do it by MicroSD card.
Of course I have already tried with different WiFi networks (all 2.4 Ghz) on different routers and with different mobiles. All tests within 1 meter of the router. I can’t think of what else to do to get it started

Have you finally managed to resurrect your camera? Greetings!

Hi, also it happens the same to my Yi Dome Camera . Always get the same after words “Connecting to WiFi”, it says again “Waiting to connect”, it never paired again. I have no this issue with the others 5 Yi Home Camera & Yi Home Camera 1080. It’s so weird.

I also have same problem. 1080p home dome worked fine. Then one day it went offline. Nothing I do will make it all the way through the setup process. Sometimes I can do a reset. But when powering up it goes to a solid yellow light for about 20 seconds, rotates 180 with blinking yellow, and then back to front. It will does this for days if I dont interrupt. I press reset and about 20percent of the time I will get a “reset successful”. Then I get to the waiting to connect. it just keeps saysing that…left it for 12s last night doing it. I have recycle router, checked firmware version, and reboot phone. I cant get it to scan the qr code to set up. Btw, i dont have blue lihgt. just yellow. HELP!!!

Hey @sdfrey We have some really helpful tips for pairing issues. Take a look at this thread here: Pairing Time Out Resolution

Also, give this help center article a read for tips on how to troubleshoot

I’m having exactly the same issue! No matter what I do, the camera just won’t pair.
I have raised a support ticket but 4 days have passed and I haven’t heard a thing :persevere:

Hey @Glynn Thanks for coming to the community. I am sorry to hear you’re having troubles pairing your camera. Thats frustrating. Can you send me the ticket number supplied by our support team?

Give this forum thread a try and see if this helps at all Pairing Time Out Resolution