IR not working on Dome

Hi there. Is there any way to troubleshoot issues with night vision and IR on a dome 1080p pan/tilt?

My camera is in a dark bedroom and is used as a baby monitor. During the day, the camera works fine in the light. When the lights go out, it clicks, shows black and white, but cannot see any details in the room (eg the bed etc).

I have moved in a back up baby monitor (not from Yi). When this is on, the 2nd monitor’s IR is visible and the Dome clearly picks up all the details in the room using night vision. When I switch off the baby monitor, the Dome goes effectively dark again (except tiny amounts of light under door etc). It seems like the IR is not working.

Any suggestions? Firmware is up to date as per the app and website.

Hey @J.dolan2 Welcome to the community! Thank you so much for positing your topic. It may help another customer down the road! :slight_smile:

We have just a couple of questions to help us diagnose the issue.

  1. What is the power source for the camera?
  2. How far away is the camera from the router?
  3. Are you using 2.4ghz or 5ghz wifi?

    Also, here is our help center page for the Dome 1080P. There is a lot of helpful resources that might answer your question:

Can I ask in the camera settings do you have the option applied for Night Vision IR light (the button next to the text should be green to show its activated).

You find this within

  • Camera View
  • Settings
  • Camera Settings
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thanks @YorkshireUser!

Let us know how it goes @J.dolan2 :slight_smile:

Hi all. Thanks so much for the quick responses. To respond to your questions:

  1. The camera is powered with a power cable

  2. The router is downstairs and approx two room widths away. The connection is classed as “good” on the app. A wifi speedtest shows the wifi speed is pretty good (20mbps)

  3. Am not too familiar with routers, but logging in, I can see there is both 2.4 and 5 ghz available, with the camera connected to 2.4 ghz

Also, I have the IR setting switched on, and also tried switching off through the app to see if there is any difference. There is no difference when on or off

Any ideas?

Looping in @Steven_Kami - when the IR lights illuminate are they dim? If so can you confirm that the cable and power supply in use are what we’re provided with your camera? It could be if they are dim there is not enough power getting through to the camera.

The other thing to check is a different AC socket if you can.

Hey @J.dolan2 Suggestions. The lease could be dirty. Give it a wipe clean. Check the resolution. HD or 1080.

Also, for clarity. The IR does not work in pitch black. It needs a certain level of light.

And, has this feature ever worked for you?

Hi All, thanks again for all the respones. There is one piece of important information I forgot to add earlier. An error message appears on screen after a few seconds. It says “An object or a light source is directly in front of the camera. For optimal experience, please reposition the camera or turn off the light source”.

An update on what I’ve tried:

  • Checked the cable and plug: the cable was from Yi, but the plug was from a phone charger. I tracked down the original plug from Yi. This didn’t resolve the issue. Also tried other sockets to no avail.

  • I cleaned the lease and surrounding around with a soft cloth. No good.

  • I tried repositioning in different parts of the room. Also tried varying degrees of light (eg with the door slighly open, letting in some light, then door closed and all lights off). No changes. And the other monitor worked in all conditions (and the Dome working only when the baby monitor IR light was switched on). Will try to add some images to show examples of the issue.


It would suggest that the camera is hardware faulty then with the tests you have tried. How long have you had the device?

Hey @J.dolan2 Thank you so much for the detailed information. And for providing the screenshots. This is going to need to be escalated with our technical team. Let me send you a direct message to get the ball rolling.

Thanks to you both. I’ve had the device for 2 years, but only recently set up and started using. Will link in with the technical team, thanks

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