Cable problem resolution

I am new to the group sorry if I have the wrong section. I have a problem that I can’t find in the other threads. I can’t find a short cable for my Yi 1080. I’ve tried some data cables but nothing. Can you advise me where to buy it about 20/30 cm in length and white color? I live in Italy. thank you

Can anyone explain to me why a data cable is not working and where can I find a very short one? thank you

Hello. Can you explain what is wrong with the cable that came supplied with your camera? Is it just that you would like to use a shorter cable? If so, I think it is trial and error in using non Yi technology supplied cables - why I have no idea.

The recommendation is to always use the cable that the camera was supplied with. What is unique/special about the cable again I have no idea, and I assume they are just standard OEM cables.

Where you can buy USB cables from in Italy I have no idea as I do not live there. But even if you find one it may not work.

I would like a shorter cable than the original one because I have installed the camera next to a plug so 20 cm is enough for me. I have tried with other cables and they do not work so if you tell me that they do not exist I will try to cut the original and weld the inside

Hey @Devid1985 It should’t matter which cable you are using. Have you tried any other cable no matter the length just to test them out?

Yes I have tried other data cables but they don’t work

Hey @Devid1985 Can you clarify what you mean by “data cable”? Are you referring to just a usb power cord? or is this a data cable?

I tried both a data cable and a simple USB power cable but the camera doesn’t work on the original it works

Any USB cable should work. Are you able to see if the cable you tried has a lower power output? This is really strange one. Can you send me the brand of cord you’re trying? (if there even is one)

Unfortunately I don’t remember the brand or the power if you can tell me a cable that could be good on Amazon I buy it and try it. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. It must be about 20 cm short. Thanks

Looking at the specs for this cord here, you should have no problem using it with our cameras.

I am going to ask our team to do some further testing on this as well.

thanks, I preferred all white but I’ll try

hello, everybody.
I have the same issue.
I need a longer cable (3 meters long, not so much …),
I tried at least 10 different cables, but no one of them do work.
just a yellow steady light (and that means that the cable is providing power, I suppose …).
I’ve just bought 4 new 1080p AI+ cameras;
the other 3 cameras I already had can work with any cable.

Hey @GiorgioC looks like you got some advice on this thread. Glad you came to the community for more info!

@Steven_Kami I have the same problem with the YI 1080p AI+ cameras.
The dog destroyed the original USB cable, I tried several new ones (all good quality cables, including Samsung ones) but all I got is a steady yellow light.
The same camera works with the original YI cable from another camera (I have a set of 4), so obviously the original YI cable is NOT a strandard USB cable.
Where can I buy an original YI replacement cable? Or where can I find the pinout of the non-standard YI USB cable??

i am looking too but YI cables are the only ones that go! I needed a short one but nothing!

@Sparick @Devid1985 Thanks for the feedback. I am sorry to hear this has been an issue. Any cord should work, as long as it has the right amount of power which should be most. Let me ask around here to see what I can find out. This shouldn’t be an issue. Any cord should work.

Dear Steven, I have the same problem with YI home camera and other usb cables. As I need a longer cable to connect the camera, I bought a 3mt cable but it does’t work. It is strange because the same 3mt cable works perfectly with the 2 YI dome camera bought a couple of years ago.