Yi Home Camera no motion detection

I don’t use AI detection yet. Because I used Yi Life app, and AI detection is only on Yi Home app.
But seem like it works fine.
I only concert that Activity Recording error.

I have the same problem here.
Since I update my 2 1080p cams to FW, it does not record the activities detected on the micro sd. :frowning:
only record in the option continuous videos 24/7 (CVR)
Please help to return to the previous version because I use them for my baby’s room.


This community no help

What a big disappointment to know that YI cameras are not what they used to be.

To all those who go through this problem I advise you not to buy this brand anymore

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Hi @anyone
Do you have any tutorial about downgrade Yi Home AI 1080p camera (IFUSY65) ?
I can’t find the firmware to download too :frowning:

This help is for advanced users
and there is a danger of leaving the camera unusable

The inbuilt firmware recovery methods provided by Yi are very resilient provided recovery data is available. From my reading @Steven_Kami suggests an email to support should get you what you need, perhaps @Steven_Kami could expedite the process? Might be a good idea when emailing Yi support to include previous version number, new version number, model, serial number and possibly cloud subscription details to make things smoother with links showing the problem is happening not just to you but others too.

This is the great feedback from Yi’s technical service department.

I have been using the Yi cameras since 2015 and I have never had so many problems as now that the cameras practically became useless since what made the difference between the yi cameras and the rest of the cameras on the market was the recording when movements are detected

did you find a solution how to donwgrade the firmware?

Apologies for any delays. If you need any firmware, go to our downloads page. https://kamihome.com/firmware

Or contact our support team.

@Atocha What app are you using? What type of device do you have? What is your current app & firmware version?

+rep and big thanks to Janet. She is very pleasant and has helped me a lot before.

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Any update @Atocha?

And, thank you for the kind words @HaLeDa! I will be sure to pass it a long :slight_smile:

On the page
there is no firmware for my camera which is a Yi Home 1080p to Ai+

I already contacted the official support and they just told me to wait for the technical team to see the solution but it’s been too long and they don’t give me a solution.

Above I have an answer with an image of what the support told me

The app I use is Yi Home on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s and Huawei P30 Pro device.

The only thing I want is to go back to the previous version of the firmware since since I updated to version 11 the motion detection recording stopped working

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@Atocha do you know the previous version number? If so, explicitly stating it should help.

hello sorry for the delay

The previous version to which I want to return I leave it in the image Screenshot_2022-04-08-00-01-50-434_com.ants360.yicamera.international~3

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Hey @Atocha What is your ticket number with our support? And, where are you located?

No need to apologize for the delay, you’re the one who’s been waiting.

I looked for that update but could not find it, found a couple of older updates from March and May 2021. I know it exists and wonder if it got pulled or just my poor searching ability. Hopefully Yi can provide otherwise it might mean an even older version or trying to find someone with that particular previous version. I wonder what version @HaLeDa ended up with?

I’m stuck at :frowning:
I don’t remember the old firmware number, but it’s 9.xx
I need downgrade my cameras to this firmware and fix the big problem

Something strange with the link https://kamihome.com/firmware @Steven_Kami supplied. For me there just old or no firmware until yesterday and to day it’s back to old stuff again.
Yesterday there was an entry for Yi Home 1080p AI+ with three versions, IIRC y20ga, y21ga and y211ga. Usually updates are just for the home partition and are of the form home_?m where ? is the model such as y211ga. However the update for the y211ga was actually a recovery file onebin) containing not only the home partition but also uboot, kernel rootfs and backup partitions. There’s also a home only upgrade for the y211ga. Does this mean the additional partitions will help resolve the issue? or that if downgrading, a recovery (onebin) of the older firmware would be required instead of the usual home only file?
There was originally a device id (DID) for the firmware something like xxxx65xx but I don’t remember exactly to check suitability.
So we have for
one_y211ga.bin, system recovery
home_y211gam, home upgrade/downgrade
File home_y211gam can be found for
If specifically wanting then you might need to resort to asking someone such as @indgo23 to backup and provide the first 5 or 6 partitions. Not the last 2 partitions which contain serial numbers, keys, passwords etc.

Edit: Actually should check the backup partition doesn’t leak credentials too.

@anyone They should be updating this page regularly to have the right firmware in there. Let me check with our team as to why you’re seeing inconsistent versions.

Definitely reach out to our support as well at support@kamihone.com