Yi Home Camera no motion detection

Hi there,

My YI Home 1080p just updated to the new firmware The motion detection on the device stopped working yesterday. It catches sound and person but not motion. Motion detection is on from the iOS app. I have adjusted it to medium settings on motion detection. I just want to know why this happened and how it can be fixed. It’s very important motion detection works as it is my baby monitor.

Hi, I’m having the same problem as well and I’m also using the camera as my baby monitor so would greatly appreciate any support!

Hello @dijaahh @dng00 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me see if I can help.

Would you mind leaving motion detection on and turning OFF person detection & sound detection? Then, test the motion detection to see if you receive an alert.

let me know how it goes. I really appreciate your help getting this resolved.

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Same here @dijaahh.
I upgraded firmware from 9. to 11. few days ago. And then “Activity Detection Recording” function is gone. I mean when I turn it on, the camera can’t find any activity and no records at all. Reformat SD card, reboot, reset … not a change.
Currently , I must turn it off and cameras will records all the day.
I haven’t try motion detect function yet, but I think it’s the same problem.
Hope they will fix soon.

My sound detection and person detection are both off. Only motion detection is on. The problem persists.

Hi there. I’ve turned both off as well and still having the same issue.

I have 10 of the Yi cameras and I have found that the settings often get screwed up especially if you upgrade the app or firmware. I would check every single setting to see if they changed. For a while I found my motion detection completely turned off without my knowledge. I have one camera that picks up stuff all the way across the street but won’t pick up close stuff. I’m still playing with that one to figure out the right settings. Anyway, check all your settings and possible unplug it and replug it in. Don’t always reformat your SD card because sometimes alll the memory is still there. Just be patient if the green line doesn’t show up right away. Close the camera and reopen it and select SD card and if need be do it again. I have reformatted mine in haste when it was really all there.


Hey @HaLeDa The UI changed just a little bit here for the sd card settings. In the camera settings go to “SD Card Recording Mode” and there you will find the ability to record detection or continuously. See the in-app screenshot below

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I having the same problem after upgraded to version no video record to SD card! How can I revert back to previous version.

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Dear @Steven_Kami.
I used Yi Life app. From your suggestion, I switched to Yi Home app. But nothing change.
Motion Detection worked, but Activity Recording is not :frowning:
I think the firmware have some problems.
Thank you.

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Having the same issue after updating two of my cameras to, no activity recorded to the SD. I have to turn on Continuous recording instead for these two cameras. I have two more that I just purchased that are still on that I will not be updating.

Hello all are you using iOS or Android?

Have you turned on Smart AI Detection?

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Hi Steven, I am using the latest iOS with the app. This problem also affects the Windows App. I have motion detection on, not Smart AI detections. I have to set the SD Card Recording Mode to Continuous Recording to view any footage, otherwise it does not record.

I have the same problem
since the update it does not record the activities detected on the micro sd.
only record in the option continuous videos 24/7 (CVR)
Please help to return to the previous version as I use it for my baby’s room.

Camera Yi Home 1080p IA+
in 3 cameras same problem

Hey @indgo23 Thanks for reporting this. So, if you have Motion Detection on and then toggle on Record Detected Activity, there is nothing detected? is that correct?

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Yes exactly. It’s basically made two of my five cameras useless.

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Simply “Record Detected Activity” doesn’t work.
CVR 24/7 and Motion detect is fine.
I’m using 3 Yi Home 1080p AI+ with firmware version 11.

Do the smart AI detections work? @indgo23 @HaLeDa

When they were originally on, no they were not picking up anything.