YI Help Center: Micro SD Cards vs Cloud Subscription

Thanks for adding! I really appreciate it.


Videos aren‘t stored on any of our 5 yi 1080 cams - all with SD card.

What happened?

Now I have 5 useless cameras!


How old are the SD cards? If they are five years old I’d ask you to think about formatting one to test to see if that clears the issue.

You can use a 256gb SD card (I’ve successfully tested the SanDisk Extreme) in the newest YI Outdoor camera.
I agree with @YorkshireUser to format the card using the camera software, use a high quality card and after 2-3 months format the card.
I use SanDisk Extreme 64gb in all my cameras with no issues.
There are not many applications for the 256gb card, I just wanted to see if the camera would accept it.


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Seems to me that SD support changed recently, as I used to be able to view and playback recordings from my phone app, but I can no longer do that for some reason. I can see the content on the timeline when scrolling back through but nothing plays, just jumps back to “live”. Is a cloud account a requirement to view SD content on the app now? If so, these cameras are useless to me as the ability to NOT subscribe and just use SD has been the draw of this company for years!


Hello. Nothing’s changed. You may be encountering the issue detailed in the following thread:

I’m an Android user so this does not apply. Is there a similar issue affecting Android that you’re aware of?


It is usually just IOS that issue impacts. But you could try it. If not you could try reinstalling the app, formatting the SD card. But viewing complete clip should be working.

HEy @MCo79 Do you have another SD card that you can try? This is a super helpful test that points us in the right direction on making any troubleshooting suggestions.

Thanks for your patience. Looking forward to your response

Having same issues… but only with the older cameras only… does not display the “SD Storage” options on settings app, only “Cloud Storage” options. And cannot view recordings from these older cameras…
Have tried changing the SD cards to new ones but nothing… any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hey @eambriz Thanks for reporting this to the forum! I am sorry to hear you’re having this challenge.

Do you mind if I ask…

What model camera are you old camera?
What app are you using? Kami or Yi
What is the version of the app?
Have you updated your firmware recently?
What version of firmware are you using?

Many thanks for your assistance with these questions.

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Hi Steven… im using YI home… not to sure on the model of camera but took pics.!
I have updated everything as much as posible…

Tell me if you can see the pics ok.

image|542x401 ![image|690x407] be(upload://6pIOomxTeN3QmnPjujaHdxZNiS2.jpeg)

Couldnt post more than one pic…

Camera Fimrware:
YI HOME version: 4.7.2

@Steven_Kami Thanks for your patience, I didn’t have any other micro SD cards at home so I ordered some and they arrived last night.

Long story short, the new card worked, and I now have full playback capability through the app again. Still think it really strange that the micro SD I was using just bricked out of nowhere (I can’t even get it to mount on my laptop to review it) but I’m glad the new micro SD cards are functioning without issue so far. If anything changes I’ll return with an update.

Not sure if it matters but the micro SD that bricked was a Sandisk and I’m now using PNY

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Thanks for sending the feedback and pictures! You take care of your stuff. That has to be from a few years ago :slight_smile:

Do you have a different SD card you can try? That will help us move into the right direction.

yeah, tried changing the sd but same thing…

Hey @eambriz I think it might be beneficial to work with our customer support team on this one. Have you contacted our support team yet at www.kamihome.com/contact?

Hello. After last update unable to see notifications(app forcing to buy cloud), missing time when trying to check notifications manually through this image
Software forcing to buy clouds and many features now missing, so info from topic started now is old and I will looking another cameras with consumer friendly software. :((


Bonjour ,
J’ai le même problème , pas d’aperçu de 6 seconde disponible gratuitement…
Utilisateur Android.
J’ai changé de carte sd , c’est pareil .
Caméra yi extérieur
Version 5.0.0 20210828

Depuis la mise à jour , j’ai ce problème …

Hey @Iner Thanks for coming to the community. We deeply apologize for any frustrations as result of the new update. Please know We value our community. Your feedback is important as it helps us create a better app for all to enjoy. We are aware of the issues with video playback and are actively working on a fix. Please check back in 48 hours for an update. Thank you for all your support and patience.

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