YI Help Center: Micro SD Cards vs Cloud Subscription

NO Micro SD Card
-You will receive alert notifications (video clips) which also means you can view a short clip of the alert (6 seconds) and this is actually stored on the cloud but only for 7 days.
-Only downside is, you will only have short video clips (6 seconds) and they are stored temporarily on the cloud.

WITH Micro SD Card
-All alerts/video clips will be stored into your micro SD card.
-6 second clips (short preview) is stored on the cloud for FREE.
-Keep in mind that the camera will loop record once memory/storage is full which means old footages will be overwritten.
-Video clips are not safe from theft or damage as micro SD cards are physical accessories.

Cloud Subscription
-All alerts stored on the cloud, unlimited. Full video footages will be stored for 7, 15, or 30 days depending on the subscription you availed.
-All video clips are safe from damage, theft, and secured from our servers that are encrypted.
-You can download your video footages anywhere, anytime using the APP.

To add to this if you are using an SD card ensure that you use a good quality brand, observe the storage requirements and class.

Format it via the camera / app and look to do this every two to three months.


Thanks for adding! I really appreciate it.


Videos aren‘t stored on any of our 5 yi 1080 cams - all with SD card.

What happened?

Now I have 5 useless cameras!

How old are the SD cards? If they are five years old I’d ask you to think about formatting one to test to see if that clears the issue.

You can use a 256gb SD card (I’ve successfully tested the SanDisk Extreme) in the newest YI Outdoor camera.
I agree with @YorkshireUser to format the card using the camera software, use a high quality card and after 2-3 months format the card.
I use SanDisk Extreme 64gb in all my cameras with no issues.
There are not many applications for the 256gb card, I just wanted to see if the camera would accept it.


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