Yi Camera only storing 2 days of clips on SD card?


I have 5 Yi cameras, but only two that are on motion capture, the rest record 24/7. Recently I noticed the cameras only have 2 days worth of alert clips on the 64G SD cards? I am using the older 4.7.1 app on the iphone.

Is this broken or a new feature?



Hello @bpascua excellent question! On the 2 not on 24/7 record would you like them to be?

Go to the settings for each camera and turn OFF, “Activity Detection Recording”. This will make the them record 24/7 instead of when an activity is detected.

Hi Steve,

No I’d like the two cameras to just grab the 6 second alerts. Given I can get a weeks 24/7 recording on the other cards I would have thought I could keeps weeks of alerts/clips on the cameras set to motion detect? Here for example you can see the date only goes back one day…



Thanks for sending the screenshot @bpascua. Super helpful.

What version of the app are you using? it looks like an older version. Our new version, while hitting a few speed bumps after release, is working really well.

Can you update your app to the newest version?
When was the last time you reformatted your cards?
Do you have another card you can try in this camera?

Hi Steve,

I have two cameras both on motion capture mode and both only retaining 2 days to the SD card. I don’t think it’s SD card specific. But I did reformat one of them to see if it made a difference (it didn’t) I am using 4.7.1 and am reluctant to go to 5 as it seem to introduce as many issues as it supposedly improved.

When you put the SD card into your computer or SD card reader is there more than 2 days of footage?

It’s really hard to tell what could be the issue with the older version of the app. I understand your apprehension about upgrading to 5, however, things have improved GREATLY since the first release. Bugs have been addressed and it’s working seamlessly. I strongly recommend updating to the newest version and testing your SD card settings.

Question. In the version 5 of the app should we be able to store more than 2 days recordings on the SD card? I see another thread on this and I am not convinced….

I just talked to our support team and QA team, you are not limited to 2 days on version 5. It makes no sense to allow continuous recording to an SD card and then limit Alert detections. IF you update and this is still going on, we can then troubleshoot on our end to get it solved. You heard it hear, NO 2 DAY RESTRICTION ON SD CARD STORAGE FOR ALERT ACTIVITIES :slight_smile:

We can’t successfully troubleshot if it persists when you’re on the old version of the app.

Hello Steve.

Right I upgraded to the latest version of the app. Now it does show more days of recordings. See below -

However the interface is now super hard. Firstly the list of motion detections only lets you scroll down for 2 days. That is not the end of the world. However what is almost impossible to use is when you select the date. So here for example if I select the 25th - I would expect the list of alerts to popup in a list for that day? but instead you seem to have to select them from the horizontal scroll bar? - which is impossible. I would expect that as you have selected a date, the interface then show you the alerts for that day? (as the V4 app does) Am I doing something wrong…

Hey @bpascua I see what you mean. Let me chat with our team here to see what we can do or best suggestions.

I also recommend going to your activity tab from your app home screen to view your alert activity. I think this is a much better journey. Let me know what you think.

Glad to hear the upgrade helped with SD, lets get you comfortable with the new UI.

Hi Steve,

I have been playing with the new interface. It simply doesnt work. HEre is what happens from the main screen -

  1. Select the camera (automatically its on activity view)
  2. You can see today and yesterdays “motion detected” recordings in the list that scrolls down off the page - you can play any of these fine.
  3. Now I want to see past the today/yesterday list of alerts so I select a new date from the pulldown - in the example the 28th. Then one of two things happens.

a) it flips to the first alert on that day you have selected - but you dont get the list of alerts for that day as you would in the V4 app. The “motion detected” list is still showing the today and yesterday alerts. How do do you select an alert from a day that isn’t today/yesterday since the list of alerts doesn’t update? the horizontal timeline is useless.

b) this seems to happen more often than not. I select a new date from the pull down list that normally says today. You see the camera icon for loading, then it flips back to live.

All in all I would say you still cant see back past the today/yesterday motion alerts.

This is the exact same issue I posted several weeks ago. I was asked to reformat my cards even though the behavior changed on all 5 cameras in different physical locations at the exact same time. I’m on the latest iOS clients, MacOS client and Windows client. I can only see the previous 2 days of activity. It’s clearly a bug in either the camera or the application. There is no way 5 different cameras in 5 different locations all had SD card issues at the exact same time.

Yes I would say this looks like a bug from what I can see and now the other chap also.

Steve can you raise this with the developers please? Seems fairly fundamental.

Any updates here @Steven_Kami?

or could anyone from KAMI comment?

Hello All - We had trouble reproducing this issue during testing which made it difficult to troubleshoot. We have been working on it and have finally reproduced the issue and are working on a fix. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

I do apologize for my delay. I have been out of office the last week but am since back and will make sure this gets resolved.

No stress - great that you are able to reproduce it. Let us know when there is a fix.


Hey @bpascua Thank you for your understanding. We have found a fix and currently undergoing thorough testing before releasing the update. I hope to have it out in the next couple of days. I will keep all posted.

I’m glad to read that a fix is in the works. I’ve noticed the same thing as far as unable to see previous days triggers. I’ve reformatted the SD card (using the camera and not in a computer) and that has not helped. I have power cycled the camera also. I also have noticed the camera does not seem as sensitive as before. I only get 2 to 4 triggers a day. However it’s mostly birds that trigger my camera and since it is colder these days it might be less activity of the birds.

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We are very close to releasing a new update to address this. ALL your patience is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your help to get this resolved.