YI Cam disconnected after update APP on Iphone

Dear all,

Sorry to bother you but I have an urgent issue about the YI Cam 1080p. After the last update’s app, I lost my cam and I do not see any cam connected to my account!
This is impossible because I saw everything yesterday and it was working. Unfortunately now I am out of home and I cannot set again the cam, using the same internet connection. Could you help me fast, to resolve the issue?


Hi @RogRush please refer to the post below. Apologies for the issue! And thanks for joining the forum.

@RogRush we just released an update to resolve the missing camera issue. Please update to Version 4.3.17 of the app. Apologies again for any inconvenience caused.

Worked for month until yesterday. Now both the Iphone and the PC app claims that I have no camera on my account, but I still recieves notifications from my camera when motions are detected…

I have updated the app, reset the camera, reconnected, then it works for some hours and the it disappears again…

@Martin_FJ I just sent you a private message.

@RogRush Did you cameras back up and running?