Sneak peek at the Kami Doorbell!

@Bruno no need for new account just buy another plan from same account and add the additional cameras to the cloud plan

Excited for this. Needing to upgrade from another brand camera at my front door. Was going to get another Yi camera but the doorbell will be a much better addition.

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Thanks @Pyrozman29 we’re excited too. So Many great features.

Hey all, so the Doorbell design got a bit of a face lift! Please help us pick the right color in this poll! Kami Doorbell POLL // Help Pick a Color!

Great news! Are Kami products fully compatible with Yi cameras/app, etc? We have business on a busy street, this would be perfect for us. Any plans on a peephole camera too? Thanks!!!

Hey Vince! Welcome! :wave:

Yes, you can mix and match Kami and YI cameras and you can use either the YI Home or Kami Home app.

No plans for a peephole camera that I know of, but it sounds cool, I’ll bring it up with the team. Thanks!

Does the doorbell have AutoAnswer feature?Thank you!

Hey Dan, the Kami Doorbell will have the option to playback responses but they won’t be automatic. So when someone presses the doorbell, you will be able to select an appropriate pre-recorded response such as “Sorry I’m not interested”, or “come around the back” etc. Hope that makes sense!

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Thank you for your answer!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update

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This looks very tempting i am sorely lacking security on the front door and want to keep in the single app experience with appropriate integration hooks

Very excited about the doorbell. Currently 5 cameras installed. Will there be a way to view more than 4 cameras at once?

Hey Nat welcome to the forum! It sounds like you know your stuff. PS love the photos in your bio!

Hey Otis, thanks for joining the forum :slight_smile: Great to hear you have experience with that many YI cameras! The multicam view in the app is limited to 4 cameras at once but you can view up to 9 at once on the desktop app.

I’ve got 5 Yi Domes covering my elderly mother’s apartment and 4 covering my house, all of which I can monitor on my Windows desktop. Love them!!!
Adding 2 Doorbell cameras to my house will require the 6 to be on a separate account and window but it’ll be worth it. Can you have the Doorbell camera be powered by the existing low voltage transformer so it’ll replace a wired doorbell? Also, will you have angled base plates to adjust the coverage horizontally and vertically. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi @Ted1722 welcome to the forum! It’s so great to hear that your cameras are able to give you peace of mind and keep your mother safe. We love to hear stories like this, so thank you for sharing.

Your story about you Mother just reminded me that we’re currently working on a fall detection algorithm that would send an alert if anyone fell within the field of view of the camera. So I might get in touch with you about this in the near future.

In regard to the the doorbell camera, it will be available in two configurations - battery powered, and wired (connected to a regular wall outlet via a MicroUSB cable. The camera angle is super wide, do as long as it is at the right height you won’t need to worry about getting enough coverage. I’ll let if I can get a screenshot to post.

Thanks again Ted!

Nice feature…I would love to see this…

@Juarezpj I’ll try and get some footage of the algorithm in action!

I don’t know how I missed this in the forums. The design looks simple yet professional. Will this be available in different finishes? Can’t wait to see footage of the viewing angle and picture quality. The product looks great!

Hey @BrandenB this is an older version. The latest design is what you saw in this thread. :+1: