Sneak peek at the Kami Doorbell!

We can see the growing excitement in the community, and eagerness to know and see more… So here’s a sneak peek at the Kami Doorbell! :star_struck:


This is the one I am most currently excited about. Can’t wait to see the price compared to the competitors.

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@MilkinMore it will follow the Kami pricing strategy, affordable but feature rich.

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This is what I love about this brand :slight_smile: :grin:

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Will the doorbell camera have voice or intercom feature?

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@Vsmith3837 yes will have two way audio, face recognition, human detection, abnormal sound detection features

It looks great! Can’t wait for this to be available to try and add to my collection of wonderful Yi products. We live in the country and don’t have many visitors that we are not aware are coming. This would be great to see who the unannounced visitor is at or door. Love all the features Yi provides at an affordable price.


Powered by our own Vision Processor this Doorbell will have best-in class Edge AI

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When is the launching date for this doorbell?

Hi @Rosman! We’re planning on launching the doorbell this summer! The current launch date is set for July 2020!

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Hi @KamiHome,
Thanks, I’ll be waiting for it.

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Will this have a black color option? Or is it only silver?

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Hi, looking forward to seeing more on this.

Would there be an associated wireless plug-in chime available for this or will all notifications be just sent to the application? Would be great to have some way to get an old fashioned alert for those times where mobile device is on charge or in another room.
Many thanks.

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yes that Chime will also do a WIFI extender job so you can enjoy a seamless Wifi connection for doorbell or other Wifi devices far from router

@djkUK chime will also be very affordable <$30

Many thanks for the info. Very interesting. Look forward to seeing the final specifications when it is released.

Hey @djkUKand everyone! You can sign up for our VIP list to be informed about current and upcoming programs!

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I thought this may be interesting to you guys. Cool feature. I will not be buying the nest doorbell as like all their products it will be overpriced!

Many thanks. Look forward to hearing more.

I just installed my 4 Yi cameras four hours ago. I’m excited about this kami door bell. The subscription states “up to 5 cameras” does this mean after my 5th camera I have to add an additional account? If I get this kami doorbell will it work with the Yi App? I’d hate to have two accounts and two apps