Kami Doorbell POLL // Help Pick a Color!

Kami Doorbell prototypes have arrived!

Our designers have narrowed the prototype down to three colors, but now we have to pick one, and it’s a tough decision!

So we want you, our fantastic forum community, to have the final say! We truly value your opinions and feedback because at the end of the day we’re making these products for you all.

Please select your favorite in the multi-choice poll below. And feel free to drop any other comments and feedback into this thread as well.

The options are:

1 - Left camera - Grey Metal
2 - Middle camera - Dark Metal
3 - Right camera - Sparkle Paint Grey

  • 1 - Grey Metal
  • 2 - Dark Metal
  • 3 - Sparkle Paint Grey

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Below are some close-ups to help you make your pick :wink:

Grey Metal

Dark Metal
Sparkle Paint Grey

Poll closes at 5 PM Friday, June 26th.

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They all look good. So hard to choose just 1.


Dark metal looks good. But it would be nice if there was a all-black option too.


Thanks @Pyrozman29and @ShocWave!

Hope this are the best on the market!


Grey Metal looks awesome!


For a doorbell camera the dark metal looks more premium but it’s a shame there’s not a full Black version. It would be brilliant to offer to colours instead of just the one like most manufacturers.


Dark metal looks best out of the three to me! An all black option would be good. My house is black hence why I say dark or all black. I think it would be actually really cool to give your buyers an option of colour choice. 2-3 variants!!! I’m pleased at how stylish they appear. Some on the market are just butt ugly. These are beautiful by design. Fingers crossed they come with all the latest features.


I like the Grey Metal, it looks like a brushed finish from the photo which give the device a good
solid look.

However saying the above, if it came to me purchasing the Doorbell I would probably choose the Dark Metal because it would personally be a better match to the colours of our house and doors.

In any case, good luck. I look forward to seeing the final specifications.


I like dark metal option but it depends on your furniture. It should better handle aging too.


I choose the first one, Grey Metal.


Even though Grey Metal is the most sleek, modern and refined looking, I would suggest going another route.
I think, everyone’s taste in color and appearance differs. It would be very limiting to impose just one color option for the masses.
Another route you could take is to provide the above three colors in the way of interchangeable face plates.
That way people have an option of changing from one color to a different one whenever they feel the urge to do so.
I personally own the Ring Pro, that comes with three different color faceplates. I have started with the brown one to match the color of my door, then later on switched to a black one for a more discreet and modern look.
Now, that summer is here and it’s warm outside, I feel a light faceplate would be appropriate, so I put on the silver faceplate it came with.
This is not a bad approach to pursue.
You have already created mold for the faceplate, and have produced three different colors of it.
Just put them all in the box, and let the people decide what they want their doorbell to look like on any given day.
Makes sense?


Interchangeable plates for the look are just a great idea. It is probably quite costly to produce many models, so why not open the game by providing the models for 3D printing ? It won’t look as neat as the photos, but there will be endless choices of colors then.

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I love all of them. I choosed the dark versione because maybe it’s more resistant to UV’s sun effect

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Hi Steven, welcome to the forum, and thanks for your comments! Right now the plan is to launch with just one color, but we are definitely taking all this feedback into consideration for the future.

Hey Gustavo! We have no doubt these are going to be amazing value with all the advanced features we are incorporating.

Cheers Arthur, and welcome to the forum!

A wooden finish would also be a good option to match existing doors.

Hey KJ! Thanks for the great feedback. We’re glad you like the design (I do also like the dark one myself). Not sure if you saw any of the early prototypes but there’s been an interesting evolution to it’s current design. Btw I’m pretty sure you’re going to be very happy with the features :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: