SD Card 32G recording

Hi Fam, im here again.

I noticed since the last update, I can see only 3 days with my 32GB SD Card???

Can someone clarify this, if this is correct?

Before I could see 4 to 5 day back.

Thanks Fam

Hi. Yi is working on this as part of the improvements to the application.

Thnx York for the support.

Hope they resolve this soon. Pls keep us inform.

Kind regards,


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Hello - I also realized that with the SD card, I cannot record video clips as I’m viewing past clips.
Is this supposed to be that way?

Hello. No this is not how it should work. It could be part of issues experienced by Yi since the new application was issued

Ok, thanks. Does this mean there’s a potential update that will follow that will allow for recording of video clips off of the SD card?

If the app is restored as it was you could use a video function with the app to record previous SD card footage.

Please go here to learn about SD Card playback in the new app.

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I was wondering does it really matter if I put an 32Gb or 64Gb or 128Gb?! Considering that the app give 2 days to playback form the SD card

I often think it’s best to go on the specs set out by the manufacturer. But I know sole have put in larger capacity cards and they work.

Even with the new app you should be able to see more than two days on your SD card.

Hi York,

Ok! But im very sure that we could see more then 2 days with 32GB. After the update is only 2

But I wait and see what the updates brings

I get around 4/5 days with 64gb cards recording 24*7 HD quality.

You can use the scroll bar to go beyond 2 days. We are working to fix the drop down menu in an upcoming release. If you turn motion detection off, you can record a decent amount. See Yorkshires post above :point_up_2:

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Is what I experienced here caused by the same bug?