QR code not showing in windows 10 cant sign pass or email

hello. QR code not showing in windows 10 useing win 10 pc. app application broken there is no way of using your camera to your PC with this application.
So Even trying to sign up with email password. QR code verification does not show up. Try Over 50 times already. Any help knowing why this
happening. Would be greatly appreciate. Thank you. Works good on my tablet. But cant be use it on my PC.

Hello, you should be able to enter the same email and password as in your tablet app and access this way via your PC. Just check that your location is the same

Check out this support article for help out how to change location.

You do not need to set the camera up again as new.

Try using the same credentials in the Yi PC app and let us know how you get on.

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Hello. Thank you for your help. Still have the same problem just says logging in doesn’t do anything. Even if I was trying to sign up. Doesn’t want to show you verification code.
To put in to sign up if needed to sign up. I thought the easier way would be QR code would show up and I would scan with my camera. All locations are set up same North America. Thank you for your response. And trying to help me.
Four Now I’ve given up too much stress for such a simple thing. I thank you again.

Hey @GALACTUS Where are you signaling the QR code to be scanned? From your Home tab?

Or from your account tab?

Your home tab QR scanner is for adding cameras. Account QR scanner is for sharing your account, syncing cloud, etc.

Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue! Many thanks

Hello. Thank you for your help. I’m going to try to ask. Couple of questions first.

  1. I have downloaded the Windows app yi camera. I am running Windows 10.
  2. Do you need to sign up first on this app?
  3. For this amp you need a cloud account?
  4. And if you did need to sign up. Would it need to match any other criteria. That’s on my tablet
  5. As I said before I have no problems with it working on my tablet.
  6. PS. I also have it working with Alexa with no problems.

Hello. If you have Yi Home or Kami Home working on a mobile device then you should be able to use those log on credentials including the same location to the windows application and log on fine.

It is not dependant on paying for premium Yi /Kami Cloud service.

Hello. Thank you for your reply. Yes I put my passwords in my email and their
but all it does is says logging in. 20 minutes later I just close it down.

Hey @GALACTUS Thanks for your patience. I am sorry to hear that youre having problems logging into your account on your mobile device.

May I ask which mobile app are you using? Yi Home or Kami Home?

And where are you located?

sorry Steven_Kami your not reading what is being said. read YorkshireUser. and my post. again.

Can you send a screenshot of what happens when you are logging onto the Windows app please? It should be simple with the same credentials. It could be the location but I know you said you checked that


And from this point, it just stalls in the login process and doesn’t actually login?

The QR code option is in the upper right corner of the login window of the first screen shot, is this not working when you select this option?

Have you tried on any other wifi networks or LTE?

And, you’re located in Canada. I am also in North America and had no trouble logging into my Yi Home app with the QR code. I am using a MAC.

Can you click on the QR code on the login window (the grey squares in the upper right corner), open your Yi Home app, select account in the bottom right of the selection menu, then, select the QR code scanner in your Yi Home App>

Follow these steps and let me know if you still have the same issue.

hello Steven Kami this what i been trying say. I’m going to try to show you more pics. As I was told before you don’t need to sign up. but if I was going to try. These are the things that I get in the pics. I also tried to change the application to America USA. But there is still no difference. So I put it back to Canada of which I am from. Which I believe is still North America. Applications for my rotor shows that I’m on 2.4 GHz which these cameras operate on. Showing me hundred percent connection. My Internet connection is one gigabyte down. hundred and 20 up.

. I also have a different Wi-Fi camera which I will not mention which has an application download. But asked for username and password. And works very well on my PC. So I am a little bit dumbfounded. I thank you and all the other people that are replying to try to resolve this. But it’s getting to that point. I don’t like giving up but little more stress than necessary. Lol. I don’t know maybe it’s something about the camera.PS this is exactly what I get even if I tried to fill in and finish it.

I am so, so sorry for the frustrations. They are warranted. How very annoying.

Just to confirm…

PC APP, Windows 10
Location: Canada
QR Code scanner not working
Login with credentials not working
Wifi is strong

Will you do me a favor and download the Kami Home App for PC? See link below:

Use your login credentials or try the QR code. Kami Home app is identical to Yi Home and uses the same credentials.

Thank you so much for your patience and sending me the extra screenshot. So helpful. We will get this figured out!

[quote=“GALACTUS, post:13, topic:5768”]
hello Steven Kami this
[/quote]hello Steven Kami this as you can see in the posts pics that is was what i use.And I also other
app Yi Home With same results.This is what I get when using these applications.,thank you