"Person Detection" moved to paid plan option in new firmware release

New version 11 of firmware moved “Person Detection” from firmware version 9 to a paid plan. That was not nice at all as when I installed a new camera to my already 10 existing camera setup that new camera does not have the “Person detection” option anymore. Where can I download firmware version 9 and roll back this one camera?

Hello @Johnnie,
It is likely that the new camera you got has a different version of the chipset. However, manual firmware updates or going back to a previous version of firmware is not possible. Nowadays, the firmware update is provided over the air within the app. If the app detects a firmware is available for the camera, a prompt will be provided to the user to perform the update.
I may suggest contacting support for options regarding the camera, you can send them an email at Support@yitechnology.com

The camera is the same as all others. It came with the version 9 firmware and yes, it prompted that a new firmware was available. Once I updated the firmware to 11 the person detection feature was moved under AI detection requiring a paid plan. All other cameras keep asking me to upgrade as well but I keep rejecting as I don’t want to loose the feature and have to pay for a plan I don’t need. I already contacted tech support and waiting on response. Rolling back should be available through copying the firmware file on the sd card and booting up the camera. Issue is I can’t find firmware files available anywhere.

Exactly, the firmware files are not available therefore we cannot manually update or go back to a previous version. At this point, it is best to check this with the support team.

Not a problem for me, that feature seldom worked for me anyway ,
Sneaky Sneaky, the iOS update only describes fixing some stability issues!

It appears it is not advantages to upgrade the firmware. Yi/Kami are looking for profits and it appears this is how they do it. Sell you something, upgrade the firmware and take away features to force you to buy their plans in order to add those features back along with others you never had. I have 10 cameras on their plans and I have detection for vehicles, animals and people along with a lot of review speeds. I guess were stuck with just buying their cloud plans or go to a different camera manufacturer.


Mine has only worked during the free trial week. Paid for the subscription when it ran out, now nothing.

Should start a class action lawsuit… This wasnt what we paid for in 2019,2020,2021…

Yes. This is racketeering… please contact FTC.gov, then look to start a class-action lawsuit.

Yeah this is a shitty move … very un consumer… I’m not longer recommending these camera ! Taking back camera feature…

Yes, I agree. I updated my outdated V1 cameras over a year ago after hearing that the newer models now include AI detection for people. Now they are taking away that feature after I spent all the money to upgrade. I am changing my reviews to a 1 also.

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Same also telling all my friends who has a yi camera or kami camera to do the same and not recommanding the camera anymore…

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Just had few mail with thr support and this is a intended update they said to me that it was free on some model just for testing but was only for becoming a cloud subscriber benefit … that’s the end of our person detection guys… just sell these shitty camera and tell everyone around you not to buy from this shady company

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Bit by bit, Yi is restricting our accessibility to OUR cameras and SD Card recordings. When I first bought these cameras, they were SD Card only and their “cloud” was only for the alert clips. Over time, they got on the bandwagon of paid subscriptions and things started to change. They told us that they would not force us to use the paid subscription service. They slowly took away access. Now it’s steamrolling faster and faster. As of the recent update V3.6.1 from a few days ago (it’s 9/24/22), I no longer get alerts to any person in my driveway. Just bugs, car lights on the street, and shadows from the tree in the wind. My son has come into the garage over 7 times today and not one alert. But let a moth fly by and there it is. This started when they moved “people detection” to the paid subscription. I have made sure my “zone” was set correctly so i won’t get the lights of passing cars but now I get them when before the update, I did not. I have tried different sensitivities but I have to say, a full grown person walking in my driveway should trigger a motion alert even on low sensitivity!!! Nothing. What good is this camera now? It was working just find before this update so I know what it is supposed to be doing!

The previous updates took away the ability to make short recordings from the playback and I was told by Yi that I needed to climb up on the ladder outside and get the SD card then insert it into my PC in order to make a short recording for law enforcement. WHAT? I was able to record from the App before!!

I’ve said all along, if a class action lawsuit gets started, I’m right there because this is our home security they are messing with. Their paid subscription has gone way up in price as well.

Yes, and they don’t care. They told us years ago that we would not be forced to use the paid plans when we purchased the cameras as SD Card cameras. Yet, each update takes away more and more options and features. Now my camera no longer alerts me to anything other than bugs, car lights on the roadway, and tree shadows moving in the wind. People are still moving so it should alert but it doesn’t.

I am a software engineer and can pull down the older version of the firmware from the cameras I did not upgrade. But really?! Is that something I should be doing as a valued paying customer? I despise companies that think customers are dumb and can be tricked by some made up semi technical explanation that this feature is no longer possible on the hardware they have. So greedy, so bad… What do we teach our children?! YI/Kami, you are just another disgrace to the technological world, scamming hard working, caring, paying customers. A word of advise, check out a company called Cisco Systems, they still have all firmware of almost every device they ever made. Maybe you’ll learn something about treating your valued customers with respect, maybe not. Too bad I have to waste my valuable time to research another company, evaluate their product, install and setup new 12 cameras and setup all of them in Google assistant and Alexa. I would definitely remember your company and dedicate some of my time to give you the review you deserve on all social networks. And believe me, being a software engineer I have automated a one click posts of my reviews across all social networks so I won’t be wasting my time. Your support is not existent, never replies to what they don’t feel like replying. Sad to say you looked like a promising company but sending me nightly almost hundreds of alerts of movements due to night moths flying around is definitely putting you in the ditch for me.

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Well said! I got an email reply from “customer service” today that said if I want to resolve this issue (started a week ago with the newest update) that I should try a paid plan. Hmmm, I got these cameras long before Yi had paid plans and the reason I chose Yi at the time was because they didn’t require a paid plan. Slowly, they are moving all features to the paid plan only. It’s dirty business.

Yeah I got the same answer by contacting them… what a scum a of company…

I just bought reolink camera … never returning to Yi/kami camera again !

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