Pairing times out for camera when reset

I am having exactly the same issue with a camera I’ve had connected for a few months. It suddenly stopped showing and when I disconnected and ran through the pairing it does what is described above. I’ve tried this on the router and 2 access points in my house but it does the same thing on all of them. “Pairing timed out please reset the camera” I must have ran through this 15-20 times over the different Wifi in my house. All of which are 2.4ghz, the password is 8 letters and number (English) and the camera was working until about a week ago.

Hello @u38966, sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered with the camera pairing process, we sent you a direct message.

Hello, I’m having the same issue described here. I have four cameras total, and 3 of them stopped working, and when I attempt resetting them, and connecting them, they all end with “Pairing timed out” message. Can you please contact me ?

Hi. My camera suddenly unpaired and I’m experiencing the same issues as mentioned above. Everything connects ok, then I get ‘failed to bind’ on the paring status. This has rendered the camera useless. Please help!!

Hello @joeabele nad @v6miggy, Kindly try this, reset the camera using the reset button, you can use a paperclip to press down the reset button. Delete the camera from the app. Also, kindly check the firmware version of the camera. then re-pair the camera to the application.

I’ve tried that about 20 times. I’ve tried a different network and tried the app on 2 different devices. Not sure if I can update firmware??

I have now also tried a different phone with a fresh app download and new account. The camera says paired but the app says failed to pair.
It has to be a problem in the app. Please help.

Hello @v6miggy were you able to try updating the firmware?

>>> Open up your app.
>>> On the bottom menu selection at the bottom right, is “discover”.
>>> Under “Account Settings”, select “Update firmware manually”, 7th option down
>>> Hit “Start Now”

Let us know how this goes. We can escalate from there if needed.

I am using the Yi Iot app. The process you’re referring to is in the Yi Home app for a kami camera. My camera is floureon and has no purple light. Using the reset only makes it give the 2 bleeps to re pair and then the re pair fails on the app. My camera says connected to wifi and pairing successful but the app says failed to load please reset camera. I’ve literally tried everything :upside_down_face: :sleepy:

I am also having these exact same problems

Hey @JarvisA Welcome to the community! I am sorry to hear you’re having pairing time issues. If they are persisting, please email our Technical Support at

We have a stellar support team and they will be able to assist you pair you camera.

It is quite clearly the App as the Camera Pairs with Wifi and the app just sits, then the camera times out. So the camera is connecting to Wifi and attempting to pair. The support team couldnt do anything but this is happening so many times there is clearly a significant problem. Something has been updated which has caused this problem. I have 4 of these cameras and have previously been telling anyone who will listen to get them as they have been great. I certainly wont be doing that and I will be adding reviews to Amazon where I bought them to tell people of the issues and lack of assistance.

Hello @u38966 I am incredibly sorry to learn of your negative experience. That is not how we want to operate and I am hoping that I can be of assistance to get us back on track. Can you please provide your ticket # you have with our support team so I can reference and find out a little bit more information.

Again, we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.

Same Problem. Scan QR on back of Yi 1080, then it connects successfully to wifi, then “pairing process takes about 1-2 minutes…” and end up with “pairing has timed out, please reset the camera”

Hey @joshd Thanks for coming to the community! you’ve come to the right place to learn from others and share your experience.

We just have a couple of quick questions to help us better understand what the exact problem is.

What is the power source of the camera?
How far away from the wifi router is it?
Is the wifi router connected to 2.4ghz or 5ghz?
How many walls in between the camera and the wifi router?
What is the outermost wall made of?

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter! I hope you’re having a lovely day :slight_smile:

2.4gh only network, three inches from router, using mfr power cord to mfr usb plug. Connects to WiFi and light turns solid blue…then the last seconds of the processes times out and advises to reset the camera

Hey @joshd thanks for the information. I am going to send you a direct message about this issue. Make sure we get this taken care of for you.

Check your forum inbox. Thanks!

I am having the exact same problem as joshd in the same circumstances (no walls, WiFi a couple of feet line-of-sight, all factory equipment). For me, this happened right out of the box. Resetting the camera doesn’t help.

Hello @BrownsLink Welcome to the community forum!

We’ve had some incredible solutions from other forum members that help with any pairing time out issues.

Please see this forum thread and give this a try. If the suggested solution does not work, please let me know.

I have an exactly, what I need to do?