Pairing times out for camera that worked earlier

Is there another landline network you could try? It should though work via a mobile network tether. If you have tried all the troubleshooting it seems that this camera could be defective.

Where did you purchase this camera (the retailer) and which region? Can you remember how long ago since you bought the camera as well and have any order/sales references.

No, I don’t have any other landline network I could try it on. I bought it from Amazon Spain in November 2019 from this seller:
The camera has been sitting, wired off, for a long time - untouched. Will someone please provide a firmware file so I can try that? The other cameras I have working have the version installed - I’d really appreciate if someone could provide that version’s installation file (already tried the latest one from the support page, got no luck).

I believe the latest one is that which is listed on the support page

Different cameras, although the same model, could have different firmware if for example there is a difference in how old they are.

Hey @Hauh Can you review this thread below and give the suggested solution a try? Let us know how it goes and any other solutions you’ve tried.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hello. I have exactly the same problem:

  • Reset Camera -> Successful
  • Waiting to connect -> Successful
  • QR Scan -> Successful
  • WiFi is connected -> Successful
  • Pairing has timed out. Please reset the camera.

The camera itself is working, but I can not add it to Yi Home or Kami Home
I am using 2.4 GHz, the router is near the camera, camera and phone are in the same wifi network.
The camera worked a week ago, and now it can’t connect to the Camera itself is working, but I can not add it to Yi Home or Kami Home.

My request ticket is 555933.

Hey @akerlem Thanks for coming to the community. And, thank you for all the feedback. You’ve come to right place!

Give this link here :point_right: Pairing Time Out Resolution

We have had a number of people who’ve had the same challenge and get it resolved with the suggestions made in the forum thread.

Keep us posted on how it goes. I can also share this feedback with our support team to best guide them if the suggested troubleshooting method does not work.

Thanks, @Steven_Kami. I’ve already seen this and it is not working for me. I’ve tried it with different routers and it still can’t connect to the app. I’ve also written in support but still don’t receive any feedback.

Can you send me your ticket number from our support? I will take a look on the status of the ticket and get back to you with more information.

Sure, my request number is 555933

Hey @akerlem it looks like you opened up ticket with our Chatbot. Can you email describing the pairing time out issue and let me know when you’ve sent the email?

Hi @Steven_Kami,
Thanks for your help. I’ve sent an email to the support few minutes ago.

Hey @akerlem Did you happen to get a ticket number when you emailed support?

@Steven_Kami No, they didn’t sent me anything

Let me send you a direct message to grab some info. Thanks for your patience

Hello! I have tried everything, I am also having this problem with my camera. I set the camera up about a week ago and everything was running smoothly. I woke up one morning to it not being connected anymore on the app. Now every time I try to pair it just says pairing time out. I connected the support email, but haven’t heard anything back!

Hello @krap13 Can you send me your ticket number supplied by our support team?

Good evening

I had a problem with my Iphone app and I reinstalled the Yi Iot app and hit the reset button on the 1080 PTZ Home Camera.

I repeat that everything worked correctly before the reset. Now he says “Pairing has timed out. Please reset the camera.”

I confirm that I am connected to the 2.4 wifi network with which everything was working yesterday. I have seen that many are having this connection timeout problem. I did all the necessary tests, changing the phone, restarting the modem, deactivating the 5ghz antenna etc.

I followed all the advice and procedures of these pages and the respective links. But nothing to do. The help center replied to restart tel, modem, etc. but they are procedures already done. Everything worked perfectly before performing a reset due to the uninstallation of the app. Are there any reliable solutions for this problem that I see has affected many customers? Is there the possibility of forcing a reset via SD? is there a firmware that can be written by forcing its installation? the ticket number is 572652

Hello what brand of camera are you using if you are using the IOT app?


Thanks for coming to the community for more info. It is a little difficult to ascertain what camera brand this is based on the photo. Is there any other information you can send in regards to the brand of the camera?