Not all alerts are recorded.

I’m still working out these cameras, but for the most part I am happy with them.
I have it set up on my computer so I have a constant live view what is going on outside in my courtyard. But I’ve noticed that it doesn’t always record an alert. I watched someone walk across the courtyard but an alert was not generated, Which makes me wonder how many it has missed?

On another topic, about 3 days ago I started receiving notifications via my phone that an alert was generated via the Android YI app. I had not had any up until that point. But as easy as they had arrived, they stopped… And now they have returned again, via the Android Kami app this time.
Is there a tutorial anywhere for us beginners?
If there is and I missed it somewhere… sorry :upside_down_face:


This support article may help

The support website needs to become your new best friend >>

Hi YorkshireUser
I do have motion detection switched on.
Like I said, it records and sends notice most of the time, just not every time.


If you are a free cloud customer there is a cool down of 3-4 minutes between alerts. If it’s not this. To test it, it would be best to remove it and place it looking at a blank wall and test the movement against it.

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Hmmm… another thing I didn’t know…
Maybe these things should be out front before people buy the cameras.


They are. They are well published. Using the SD card all footage in between will be recorded.


I bought my cameras from Amazon… here is the blurb, in part about motion.

  • SMART ACTIVITY DETECTION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - HUMAN DETECTION: Detects people in motion up to 20 fps - SOUND DETECTION: Detects sounds between 50 and 90+ dB (adjustable) – PUSH-NOTIFICATIONS & VIDEOS OF THE DETECTED ACTIVITY: Push notifications on your smartphone (adjustable frequency and sensitivity levels) with 6 seconds of video for each activity detected by the camera – OPTIONAL: CREATE ACTIVITY ZONES: Possibility to only get alerted when activity is detected within the set area.

Doesn’t mention a cool down…

I’m not sure what Amazon UK lists but within the Camera Features on Yi’s website it is listed.

If you sensitivity setting is medium or low you could adjust that to ensure the cool down timing is at three minutes maximum.

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I appreciate your help YorkshireUser,
I didn’t buy them from the website though.
The Amazon listing states…with 6 seconds of video for each activity detected by the camera
There shouldn’t be a cool down at all… :confused:

I guess it depends on the research done and with respect at the price point of the cameras there are trade offs. Against competitors in terms of functionality, pricing and features Yi in my opinion ranks very highly.

Some where you pay much more for the device you don’t even get to look at any past footage without paying for a cloud subscription. And you cannot use SD cards with them.

Some others will record for a minute then have a cool down.

It’s a shame this wasn’t clear for you. I know before I invest in any new brands I like to do a lot of research and don’t just purchase based on what a store states.

Ummm, Amazon didn’t write the blurb for the cameras.
Apart from this issue I am happy with the cameras, though I have had to make some concessions. They are good quality and good value.

For the up front cost they are very good value for money and the cloud subscription is competitively priced and featured.

To remove the cool down the cloud plan could achieve this.

Hey @Rocatah Thanks for coming to the community forum for more information. First of all, thank you for your feedback. We greatly appreciate it. I will speak to our team about how to make this listing more clear.

There is a number of different place this information is listed on our site. We do our best to spread it out and make it as visible as possible. And, it can be seen in our app FAQ’s as well.

Thanks again for coming to the community. Hope you’re having a lovely day.

Morning @Steven_Kami
As I stated, I got the information I needed from the listing on Amazon. I didn’t realise that I should come to this site for clarification. I am a bit miffed at this point. Why wasn’t this important information in the Amazon listing?
It seems I have to buy a cloud package to get all the alerts!
Just to reiterate, These are great cameras, and I am mostly happy with them.

Why not take a look at the Cloud subscription plans. For what you need they offer just that and totally compliment the excellent features of the camera.

Take a look here >

I’m probably maybe going to get the entry level for now. But I have a couple or five questions beforehand.
1 - Is it all motion activated video captures or is it continuous?
2 - If my YI App on the phone is set to continuous recording, is that what is on the cloud?
3 - Umm Can’t think of a third right now, but I’m sure it will come to me.

Thank you

Hi. There is a continuous plan or a motion only plan. It doesn’t matter what your phone is set to.

You choose what is best for you. The link I sent previously will detail what you need.

My understanding is that you can continue to record to an SD card. I’m sure @Steven_Kami will be able to fully confirm.

Thanks YorkshireUser. Always helpful.
I’ll see what @Steven_Kami has to say.


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That’s me. Helpful :slight_smile:

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Yes. You still record to SD.

My plan is motion recording. Which is best as the cvr eats an insane amount of data. Even with motion only and depending on camera location I use between 80 and110 gig a month. This is outdoors and mostly at night bwcaose of bugs. The night is almost recording all the time in some cases.

I still record continuous with the sd. Main reason is the playback footage is better on sd…ie, if you need the footage it’s a bit clearer in resolution off the sd card.

Do you get absolutely every movement with subscription? Yes and no…

Sub is better at showing you individual movements but if there are alot of movements crammed into one short period it will show as one recorded motion in your cloud. Easy spot because the cloud bar will be thicker