Night Vision 'Always on' option missing.

I have had a 1080P Camera 2 for a few years. It has the option to have night vision on at all times. It’s located in Settings -> Camera Settings -> Infrared Night Vision -> Always On. I recently purchased the new 1080P +Ai and this option is not there. There is only Settings -> Camera Settings -> Night Vision IR Light On/Off. I am like most in that the clicking is unacceptable, but unlike most, I want night vision to be on all the time instead of disabled. Anyone know if there’s a software update I can do in order for the +Ai to have the same options as the Camera 2? Or is it possible to put the Camera 2 firmware on the +Ai camera? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Night Vision feature on the 1080p + AI camera is set to default. It automatically enables the camera at night and turns it off in the morning. The clicking sound it produces means the night vision feature is being enabled or disabled.

Sure, but is there any way to toggle it to “Always On”? Like possibly a few lines of code to inject somewhere? An alternate firmware to flash it with? An alternate camera software that will give me the option?

My primary use of this camera requires the night vision option, but it’s useless if there are 5 cycles of clicking every time there is a bit too much light which disables/enables the night vision camera. I’m going to have to return it if there is absolutely no way to keep it “Always on” like the 1080p Yi camera has.

Hello @chi_town60608, the clicking sound is an indication that the camera is switching to night vision. If you toggle the switch to On it will stay on and the camera will automatically switch to night vision.