Missing Camera Bug Fix - iOS EU and South East Asia YI Home App Users

Today we discovered an issue effecting some users running the iOS version of the YI Home app in Europe and South East Asia.

If you open the Yi Home app and do not see your cameras please update to Version 4.3.17 of the app.

We apologize for any frustration caused by this issue.
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Still doesnt work! Ive reset 4 cameras now already twice!


Same here, still doesn’t work!

@Asteroid and @alzorocks if you have updated to YI Home Version 4.3.17 but still cannot see your cameras please try the following steps.

After updating to YI Home Version 4.3.17
1 - Log into the Yi Home app and select your region
2 - If after login if you cannot see your cameras then sign out
3 - Pick the region and login again

If you still cannot see your cameras you will need to reset and re-pair your cameras. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

You can find information about how to reset individual camera models in our help center, or let me know what cameras you need help with and I can provide assistance.

Also, here is a general article that walks through the process of pairing cameras with the YI Home app.

I have updated the app twice I’ve also reinstalled the cameras I know what I am doing! Do you realise how hard it is to reset a camera on a roof of a house! This is a Rubbish app and software.

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We are very sorry for the inconvenience @alzorocks

This is absolutely ridiculous. Two updates in as many weeks and both times the updates wipe the cameras from the app. I have 3 outdoor cameras requiring a ladder to reset. Pathetic customer service.

If you can’t push an update without doing basic testing and not breaking/losing user functionality then you shouldn’t be in the business of writing software updates.

Fix your development problems and stop pushing the issues onto your VERY unhappy customers. Its a disgrace and as a technology company, you should be ashamed.

Nothing helps
Still the same issue :frowning:
So frustrating

Same issue here, complete reset of camera re-connect, then it works for a few hours and then … lost again. The beauty is that I keep getting a notice from the app every time a motion is detected, it just does not show up neither in the Iphone or the PC app.

@alzorocks, @Asteroid, @Damok, @Lilus12 may I please have an update on the status of your cameras? Have you been able to get them back online?

I you still do not have your cameras back after resetting and pairing please let me know and I will request some more information privately and create a support ticket for you.

Hi @Martin_FJ I’m very sorry about this. I just sent you a private message to get your contact details. I will have the tech support team look into this.

I am experiencing the same problem. All cameras requires ladder access very troublesome and i need to monitor them especially during these dark hours. Who deliver goods? I communicate with people outside my house using the camera.
Apps updated already, i have logged in and out already, when can this be fixed.

Hi @Eunikediana, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you do not have access to your cameras after updating to YI Home Version 4.3.17 you will need to reset your cameras and pair them again. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I lost my camera updating to 4.3.17 and I lost it again now updating the ios app to version 4.3.18. I wasted a lot of time investigating on google what is going on and tomorrow I’m leaving for a vacation. This was a 30€ worth of mistake. I thought I purchased a surveillance camera but it’s only a toy.

Hi @mckenzie74 I’m very sorry for the frustration caused because of these issues.

Hi All,

I experienced this failure yesterday, any updates on how to resolve this?

Hi @afiffadhli, thank you for joining the forum. Can you please provide some more information so I can better understand exact issue you’re having?

Were your cameras working normally until yesterday? And then just disappeared from the app? Or have you not checked the app for a while and the cameras may have been offline for a while now?

Hi @Kami_Mark,

Yes, it was doing okay previously, but then one camera suddenly missing from the app (I use iOS), I’ve updated the app and re-paired the camera, it works normally now, hope that there is no such issue come up after this.

@afiffadhli thanks for the update. That’s great to hear!