Linking camaras

I have just brought 3 to outdoor camaras and want to put them up in individual stables.the power supply is 10 meters away ,the cameras come with 3 meters of power cable on each . .can I connect them all to one junction box then run a extension cable to the powers supply…

Hello, take a look at the following thread

Some useful hints and tips listed in it including from @Brian

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You can bring power to a single point and use a junction box with a trail socket to supply power to the cameras

If you see in the thread @YorkshireUser quoted I’ve uploaded a picture of a junction box.
In a couple of situations I use a good quality double usb plug on the end of the socket in the junction box ideally a surge protected one.

Even if its indoors…in a shed I recommend IP66 waterproof junction boxes. They’re sealed from damp.

Good idea to get yourself a wifi plug and either set up each camera on one or as I often do, set up a group of 2, 3 or 4 on one.

Often you may have a glitch or a camera down, a reboot works wonders and these things tend to happen when you’re miles away, so on our farm I’ve 22 cameras. 14 crucial ones can be remotely rebooted via 4 different wifi plugs and saves me a 30 mile round trip every so often

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That’s great Brian thanks very much there actually going in stables so will take your advise and use waterproof boxes . thank you very much.

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