I have just purchased the Y1 Security Camera. My problem is that the power cable is too short to reach my power outlet. I need to be able to get to my power unit which is about 10mtr away from where I intend to mount the camera.

I feel I have two options. Buy an extension cable with USB plug adapter and run this from the mains to the Camera.Or I can buy a 10mtr USB extension with male and female connectors. Ive seen this on Amazon

Has anybody done this? If so which option did you go with.

My recommendation would be neither, having had an experience with the exact same thing. The cable that comes with the Yi is about 7 ft long (2.1whatever mtrs) We had a couple doves nest in a pine tree in our back yard, wouldn’t it be neat to watch them hatch and raise a family, well grab one of my cameras that isn’t watching anything important cut down a mount that wasnt used and proceeded to mount the camera to the tree, worked great so now get some power to it. My distance is give or take about the same as you are looking at. Plugged the converter into the outlet on the side of the house and dugout a 20 ft extension so now i have about 8 meters good enough (not) can’t get the power down the line, just too long.
Solution: Yup have one. Go down to your local hardware or Walmart if you have one where you are, and buy a simple 2 wire 18 gauge power extension cord as long as you need it. run that for your distance plug the adapter into it and the Yi usb cable in, you will be good to go, 18 guage will be overkill for the amount of amperage the Yi draws and you don’t need grounded. With this you could probably go 50 meters, OK might want to go to 16 gauge to cover any loss. Anyway have some great pictures of baby doves…watched them grow up. These are great cameras for the money


Hi thanks for input. In the end I ran a power cable from the power source in my garage to the camera and then plugged it straight in. I was contemplating using a USB extension but was bothered that there would be a loss of quality. This way theres been mo loss.
Thanks for replying.

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@Nando1 Thanks for asking the community! Glad you were able to get some feedback. Sounds like you got a solution :slight_smile:

This camera is 150meters away from the house.

IP66 Outdoor junction box with double socket.

This one is 4 times larger than j usually use because there is a GSM router in it

Usually I fix the camera base to the cover if the junction box. Plug and socket inside.

@Brian Very interesting! Do you mind starting a thread with this information? Might be helpful to other community members.