Kami wire-free outdoor - Motion Detection issue

Hello. I just installed my first two Kami wire-free outdoor cameras. The picture looks great and I think so far I’m pleased with the product. However for both cameras, motion detection only appears to work when an object is very physically close to the camera. For example, the camera looking over my driveway has not yet triggered when someone walks through the driveway or when I drive my car out of the garage. But it did trigger once when a bee flew right up into the camera lens. I don’t see an option to change this in the Android app Am I missing something?


@jeremyasu We have two models of the Kami Wire-Free cameras that both work outdoors. Regardless, both of the cameras have the same settings for Motion Detection. There is no Sensitivity Level setting for the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor camera. If you are using the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor camera that doesn’t require a base station, I have personally tested this camera to operate at 45 feet from the Wi-Fi router and was able to receive alerts for motion detection that occurred about 30 feet away from the camera. Make sure there are no obstructions in view of the camera. Please make sure the camera firmware is up to date. To verify, in the Kami Home app, click on the hexagon symbol inside your camera thumbnail. In Settings, click on Camera Settings. Click on Firmware Version. If the Current Version is the same as the Latest Version, your camera is up to date. If the problem still persists, please contact our customer support at support@yitechnology.com with ticket# 424046.

Thanks Patrick. The firmware updated on both cameras as I was going through the setup process. The views for both are unobstructed. It’s strange that nothing is triggering it. I’m attaching a still from one of the cameras. Would you expect that a person or a car traveling across this driveway would trigger the motion detection?


@jeremyasu Thank you for sending me this screenshot. Yes, my camera was mounted in a similar location with a driveway and sidewalk in front of the home. I was able to receive alerts showing cars driving down the street and people walking on the sidewalk on the same side and opposite side of the house. I would always receive an alert when a car or person was moving in the driveway. Where is your other camera mounted? I would recommend contacting our customer support so we can address your issue further. Please use the email, support@yitechnology.com with ticket# 424046

Thanks Patrick. I’ll contact customer service, as you’ve suggested. Here’s a still from the camera I put in the backyard. It triggers when the roses immediately in front of it sway in the wind, but does not trigger when a person walks through the yard.

@jeremyasu please understand all cameras have cool off period … what it means is if there has been an alert for a motion, a new alert wont come within 3 mins to 8mins (depending on setting of alert frequency) I believe this is happening because you are testing the camera, by moving around it and then what I suggest wait for 3 min before looking for a new test alert