Motion detection only detecting people leaving

I have a kami wire free outdoor camera which I am very pleased with.
The only problem seems to be the motion detection, it only seems to detect people when they are walking away from the house.
So the postman can walk up the drive post the letters and isn’t detected until he is walking back down the drive.
The camera is mounted at the front of the house looking down the drive.
Motion detection is on, set to high alerts and on away mode.
Any suggestions.


Hey @rblackwood1 Thank you for joining the community! So glad to have you. And, thank you for sharing.

Have you tried setting an activity zone for your outdoor camera in the area you’d like the alerts to pick up?

You sound to have been ‘hit by’ the age old issue of motion detection on security cameras with a battery. They take time to wake up and can miss events.

It’s an issue that impacts all types of these cameras. That is why to be fair a battery powered security camera really should not be used in a vital area.

Yi produced a guide to try to assist getting the optimal placing of your camera

Take a look here >

Usually the best way to capture detection via the PIR is to understand how the PIR works and ensure that the objects cut across the pir not directly to it. Make sure your camera is like on an angle to the subject area.

Brands such as Ring, Blink, Nest and Arlo are littered with similar concerns to yours.

Use the guide I have posted the link to and when you are installing it think like a criminal. And before you make the final choice on location test the detection then test again. And when you’ve done that test again to make sure you have the best possible detection possibility.

Some regard battery powered ‘security cameras’ as nothing more than toys. I’m not that harsh or blunt towards the technology but where I use battery powered devices of this kind I use them as monitoring tools and not mission critical security devices. If needed for that it’s always best to look at a wired system.


Kami wirefree doesn’t have motion detection zones

I think the placement of the camera may not be helping the detection “pointing down the drive”. Interesting it doesn’t have the activity zone I assume this is due to the processing required on a battery device. That said even with the zone alerted to if the position of the camera is not correct then you could dance the river dance up that drive and you may not be motion detected.

Common mistake with all these types of cameras. As too the lack of testing.

Update, I ended up buying a Kami wired outdoor camera and the motion detection is greatly improved. Ironically I put the wireless camera in the back garden and it works great too so all is good. I also like the fact that the wired camera has a motion zone that you can adjust.

Excellent! I am so glad to hear things worked out and you’re really enjoying your cameras. thats awesome! The activity/motion zone that is adjustable is such a fantastic feature and really lets you hone in your areas that require.

Thank you so much for updating the forum! :slight_smile:

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