Kami outdoor camera image mist

I have used 2 kami wireless outdoor camera for 2 days. It is raining. One of them now has mist in the image, everything is like behind gossamer. It is true for both normal vision and night vision. The other one does not, its image is clear.

Does that mean water has got into the first camera? How to fix this?

Hi. Take a look here

However I’ve never heard or experienced this during warmer months. But the above thread might help.

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Hey @Leonxf Take a look at the thread shared by @YorkshireUser. There are a lot of helpful tips from the community about how to address any condensation issues.

The community is a great place to learn from others. If you have an issue, there’s a good chance it’s come up on the forum before so give the search function a shoot and find out some helpful hints!