Condensation on camera lens

After charging and changing the batteries on my wireless camera, for some unknown reason the lens has become covered in condensation. Any ideas on how to clear this???

The reason is not unknown it is the placement of your camera and the weather conditions. Be it damp, wet, foggy or low temperature levels. The camera is reacting to inclement weather conditions and the environment.

This is normal for these types of cameras across multiple brands not just those from YI.

The best way to avoid this or limit it. Look at the placement of your camera. Consider sheltering the camera or creating a kind of protection hood over the top of the lens to reduce the impact of rain / snow. Low levels of temperature and freezing temperature will of course create a frost on the lens.

If you can remove the camera and bring it indoors until the foggy/misty lens clears. You can also use a hair drier on a low heat.

Also on the lens use a product like RainX or other anti fogging products like those used on skiing goggles.

As a side note this issue is discussed many times in this forum a search could have helped find the information for you and you could have got the information quicker.

For more guidance on the placement of the outdoor camera take a look here >

To coin a phrase with this issue prevention is easier than the cure. I learnt this over the many years of using Ring external cameras.

@StuH Some great tips from @YorkshireUser.
I would first bring the camera indoors. Let the condensation clear.

And, if this happens again. We can move on to the next steps.

That is a really helpful article shared by YorkshireUser. Placement of the outdoor cameras can require a little thought. Once you find the best place, you will be happy :slight_smile:

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