Kami Doorbell - Power Options

I have the new Kami Doorbell and finished the installation last night (01/21/2021).

The documentation references multiple power options and lists three in the instructions:

  • a) Battery
  • b) Electronic Doorbell (Use Diode on Kami Doorbell)
  • c) Mechanical Doorbell (Use Kami Chime Connector on existing doorbell transformer)

It seems as though the Battery is required for all options? I had to install the battery to get my Kami to work. (Battery Install is a required step in the instructions for all three power options).

Does the Battery get charged from the existing door bell wiring in power options B and C?

I installed using option C, and installed the Kami chime connector on my existing doorbell transformer. My door bell is working (rings when I push the Kami button). However, twice now in the last 24 hours, the Kami doorbell has shown as “Offline” in the Kami mobile app. I had to ring the doorbell with the Kami doorbell to get the Camera to go back “Online”. Is there any known reasons this may be happening?


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I am going to follow your post for this answer as mine is showing up today – but I have a question for you – can you use a miniSD for video storage, or do they force you to use the cloud with the doorbell? It doesn’t mention miniSD anywhere…

There is no memory card slot.

For free you get 6 seconds of video when there is an alert, with looping over old footage at 24 hours, and 4 minute cooldown between alerts.


Thanks for your response on the above. Have you received any response to the power question yet? Have you gotten an off-line answer that didn’t get posted here? I am installing my doorbell today. So I was wondering if the constant power kept the battery charged just as you were wondering.

No responses yet.
Also, the camera is not working right now. It only worked for a short time (couple hours maybe). It’s continuing to go offline. Ringing the doorbell wakes it up and it works again for a few minutes. When it’s online, I can see the battery icon has 3 bars (full) and it also displays what looks like a power plug icon, I assume that means it’s hardwired to power.
I have opened a support request for the camera going offline issue.

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Same here :frowning: Let me know what you find out. I can’t even get into my settings right now either…AND when I ring the bell half the time I only get the “ding” then I have to push the button again to get the “dong” :man_facepalming:t2: I did notice though that when I unhooked from the constant power it didn’t go offline…so, I don’t know what to tell you. I have repackaged mine up and am strongly considering a return request if this topic doesn’t get resolved or acknowledged by a Kami rep soon…getting an extra camera would be way cheaper if this doorbell doesn’t want to work right the way it should.


AAAAAANDDDD…return process started. :confused:

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Having the same issues here. Loss of connection after a few minutes. Started a new thread with some more info but it hasn’t been approved yet.

Support asked that I detach the wires from my transformer to the Kami. They thought it may be interfering with the wifi. I did this, and the Kami going offline problem is gone now (as temple5150 reported as well). However, I’m not yet convinced that its a wifi interference issue. If it is, and it’s effecting three out of three of the first few customers, it sounds like a serious defect.
I told Support that the Kami Doorbell is not very useful to me if it can’t be wired to my existing chime and maintain power as promised when I bought it. I asked if I should return it or if they think they can resolve the problem. They responded they are escalating to the doorbell team to see what they think.
It is working well now that it’s on Battery only. I’m getting motion notifications and I like that. Hopefully they can get this resolved so I can use this product the way it was intended.

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Thank you very much for the update. I did just that (disconnect wires to the doorbell) and now I’ve had connectivity for hours and on-demand live video, like I should. I lost the ability to use the mechanical doorbell, though. So right now it appears it’s a choice between using the doorbell as intended or having my mechanical doorbell.

I’m also getting motion notifications, but again, not useful if the mechanical bell isn’t working. For what it’s worth here’s my new thread on this specific issue: Kami Doorbell Losing Connection After Ring

I have a Heath/Zenith Hardwired Electronic chime. I installed it in May of 2020. It requires a diode to operate and has operated perfectly for over 6 months. I recently bought a Kami Doorbell Camera, as I have several Yi Home cameras and thought this would be a better fit with my system than a Ring Doorbell. When I try to connect my Kami Doorbell Camera to my existing doorbell wires it rings continually. I installed the diode as directed before connecting the wires, as my existing doorbell already required a diode on the doorbell button. I switched the wires and it made no difference. I took out the battery, then it would not ring the doorbell at all. The camera part of the Kami Doorbell Camera works fine, but as soon as I hook up the wires I have a continual doorbell activation. What am I doing wrong?

Hello @bthoma @IndyDog @cramblda @temple5150 Hello @IndyDog - Thank you for your feedback and patience. We deeply apologize for the delay and any inconvenience as a result of connecting your Kami Doorbell to your existing chime.

We are currently looking into this further and will have an update for you tomorrow morning with more information.

Your patience & support is greatly appreciated. Please message me directly if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

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Hello @bthoma Have you tried connecting the chime connector? This is listed in the manual and needs to be connected. It may resolve the issue. Please let us know if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

@cramblda Thanks for reaching out to the forum. I do apologize for the delay. Let me do the best I can to answer all your questions.

The battery is required for all power options
Yes, the battery will charge when hardwired for a constant charge.
@temple5150 No, SD card.

There is no sd card slot to ensure the security of your data. All data is encrypted and stored in the region in which the camera is located. If your are in the US, your data is stored in the US. If you are in the UK, your data is stored in the EU, your region. ENCRYPTED.

We have added security measures to prevent theft with tamper proofing but as we know criminals can be creative.

With cloud storage, you’ll always ensure that your data is safe.

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I think the Chime Connector is for the Mechanical Chime. @bthoma has an Electronic Chime, which requires the Diode.

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@bthoma it sounds like the diode is continually supply power to the ringer even though it shouldn’t.

When the ringing is continues, is the light on the doorbell lighting up?

I would check the diode & see if this is defective.

My chime is electronic and the instructions stated the chime connector was for mechanical door chimes. But since you suggested it, I tried the chime connector. When I restored power to the system the doorbell transformer started to make a humming noise and the door chime started to smell hot. The Kami Doorbell button worked two times and then quite working. I cut the power and removed the chime connector. Keep me advised if you figure this out. Thanks.

Hey @bthoma thanks for sharing, I am sorry for continued issue. I just want you to know this is isn’t a widespread issue. We are continuing to work through this issue and will resolve it quickly.

@bthoma @IndyDog @cramblda @temple5150 Please view this very thorough installation how-to video and let us know based on the video instructions where you’re having problems

Thank you Steven, I watched the video - I have no problems with the instructions, they matched what I did with my mechanical doorbell, however I’m still losing connection after a ring when the powered wires are connected to the doorbell. I am showing 19 volts to the doorbell.