Kami doorbell not working

I received my Kami Doorbell, wired AC and hooked up the chime connector. The camera is offline and I cannot keep it online. I also tried battery made and it is not notifying my cell phone. I tried to call support and got no answer. How can I get help with this issue? I am very frustrated and regretting this purchase right now.

I have other YI cameras and had favorable comments until this point.

Hey @elbecker thanks for coming to the forum in regards to this issue. I am sorry to hear that you are having issue with your doorbell going offline.

Have you taken a look at our dedicated thread for this very topic? <

Kami Doorbell - Power Options

Please take a look at this thread. I will always send you a direct message in regards to your connection issues…

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Very disappointed. I own four other Yi cameras which work well. My new doorbell is a failure. I have followed all the suggestions on the forum with no positive result. Losing connection within minutes. Now it won’t reset. Now I see a very high percentage of bad reviews. What can be done to rectify the situation?

Hey @Darylmccall I am deeply sorry to hear you’re having issues with the your doorbell. We have confirmation from a number of users who had the same problem as you, that all is working after our most recent firmware update.

I am going to send you a direct message about this so we can get to the bottom of it quickly so you can enjoy your kami doorbell.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Now it will not reset. When I initially installed it started a firnware download twice. The first stopped at 85% complete. The second completed the download but failed during tne install step.

Thank you for the information. Did you see my message in your forum inbox?

I’ve sent a list of trouble shooting questions. At your earliest convenience, take a look and send your feedback. We will get this taken care of for you :slight_smile:

How can I do a firmware update. Is the update going to the app or to the doorbell camera? The current situation is that the camera will not power on and will not reset.

Hi Steven,

I have resolved the issue with the camera going offline by performing the firmware upgrade.

My new issue is that when I have motion detection turned on, the doorbell is alerting when there is no motion at all. I have the motion detection areas set to 3 out of the 4 quadrants, so that it should only capture the steps in front of my home. I have been using the "not a person’ button to teach it that no person is detected but it does not seem to help. I have now turned off the motion detection but then I have not recording what so ever of what is going on . I defeats the purpose of the doorbell cam.

I know that the cloud plan I am signed up for is for motion detection. Is there a plan that I can have just the doorbell cam on and then I can leave the other YI cameras I have on the motion plan?

Is there a support number that I can call to talk to someone rather than using this forum? It would be easier to work through these questions in person.

Thank you.

Hey @Darylmccall I sent you some more information about updating the firmware and questions about the reset. I’ll keep my eye out for your response.

Hey @elbecker Thanks for coming to the community for a little more troubleshooting information. I am glad to hear the connection challenges are resolved but not happy to hear that the motion detection has been so sensitive :frowning:

Let me follow up with our team on this one for a little more information as to what we can do to reduce the sensitivity on the app level and for any more feedback from the team.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding while we resolve this issue.