I got two yi dome 1080 camera and both failed to connect when pairing

I got two yi dome 1080 camera and both failed to connect when pairing,

And first both camera was fine, until suddenly i got 3006 error on the 1st camera, tries everything (change usb cable, reset, change connection, bring camera closer to wifi, etc) but nothing working. Keep stuck when pairing qr code and keep saying “waiting to connect” A month later the 2nd camera not working either with the same behavior (the only difference its only says waiting to connect once then silent).

Please help, i got two not working camera and its really wasting my money and time,

My ticket number #559315 , any updates ?

Hey there @Delpierrol Our team just sent a detailed response with a number of suggestions on how to troubleshoot pairing problems.

Here is a good thread as well with a really good suggestion that might work for you. Pairing Time Out Resolution

Keep us posted on your progress.

I already tried all the suggestion and nothings work. Fyi i also got another 2 yi home camera, and 1 yi dome guard and its all working fine. Its only happening on yi dome 1080 (both black)

And where you team sent the detailed response? I can"t find it. Is it replied to my email ?

It is replied to your email. We have sent two responses now. Can you check your email? If you do not see it, maybe check your junk folder? 1 response yesterday, 1 response today. Let us know.

Nothing in my email, l got your reply notification, but no responses email, and i already check the spam/junk mail folder. Whats the email sender ?so i can search by it.


Hey @Delpierrol That’s actually a really great question! I would search support@kamivision.com, support@yitechnology.com, ZenDesk. This is our reply-to support address: supportus+id621@yitechnologyhelp.zendesk.com.

Thats def strange. Just took another look and both emails show replied to the same email address you contacted us from.

Keep us posted.

i already recevied the response email when your try to follow up and assumed that the problem resolved because i don’t reply after 3 days (because i dont received the email eventually). And when i finally read the suggested response, it’s definitely not helping. I can find all the suggested response by googling myself, and it’s not working. That’s why i post the question in this forum.

For more detail info:

  1. The first yi dome was at my home, it’s working for about 3 month with the router (from 1 provider, just call it mnc). Than suddenly stop, i already try all the solution regarding the router related issue. Still not working
  2. Then i change provider (just call it biznet), still not working (but if you remember in my last post i mention that i also got 2 yi home camera, and it’s working fine even when i change provider).
  3. The other yi dome was installed at my office. It’s also working for almost a year with 1 provider (just call in my republic), and suddenly it’s stop working, changing provider & router also not helping at all
  4. Now i brought the 2nd yi dome to my house, and try it with another provider and router, and still not working.