Help cameras won’t connect to base station

Help!!! After connecting base station to app and Wi-Fi successfully, the cameras and sensors will not connect to base station

I got the same issue,
Any help?

Hey @Mort When and where did you purchase the base station kit?

I’m the one who posted this can I get a response I’m on the verge of just returning it all so please some help would be nice

@J_da_man when and where did you purchase your kit from?

Close to 2 weeks ago and from amazon

Hey @J_da_man Honestly, if its not connecting to the base station, my recommendation is to take advantage of Amazon 30 day return policy. We can get you a discount on our wired-free outdoor camera instead to help make up for any inconvenience. Or if there is another camera you are interested in, let me know.

Thanks for your patience.

Yea I’ve tried everything but nothing is working and as far as the camera I want the wire free camera or something like it

And are you in the US? Let me see what I can do about getting you a coupon code for our outdoor battery powered cam. Just want to be sure I get for the right region.

Yes I’m in the US and ok thank you

I’ll send you a direct message so we can get some info and get you squared away. Thanks for your patience.