Can't reset Yi home 1080p camera

my camera is stuck with a blue light, not connected to the app, and i can’t get it to reconnect. When trying to reset, it wouldn’t do anything, no confirmation, nothing.

When trying to connect it, I don’t hear any confirmations or error messages, when pressing the reset button nothing happens either. I’m out of ideas.

Hey @Tiwi Thanks for coming to the forum. I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble reseting your camera.

You have a Yi Home 1080p, when did you purchase it?
What is the power source to the camera?
Can you feel the button being pressed when you try to reset?

Blue light is actually a positive indicator. Flashing blue light means powering on or off. Steady blue light means operating normally. If its flashing that could mean transferring data, or processing data.

Can you try clearing you cache? Go to your account menu, then settings.
What is your firmware version?

We will get this figured out :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile: I purchased it a good while ago, probably around two years ago, in a 2-pack. The other camera is working just fine still.
I’m powering it with a standard USB adapter thingie, and it also worked fine before. At one point i reinstalled the app (Android) due to phone issues, it recognized one camera but the other one didn’t show up after logging in, which is why I want to reconnect it, which is why I’m trying to reset it.
I feel the button clicking, yes, but nothing happens. Tried clearing the app cache, but that also didn’t change anything.

Hey @Tiwi Thanks for the detailed feedback.

Have you changed regions recently?
Can you update the firmware?
Do you subscribe to our cloud services?
What app are you using? Yi Home or Kami Home?

Thanks for your patience. If we can’t get this resolved, I will escalate this with our support team.

I did not change regions
I don’t know how to update the firmware on the camera when it won’t connect to the app
I currently did not subscribe
Using the YiHome app

Hey @Tiwi Thanks for the follow-up info. Let me send you a direct message to see what we can do to help you out.

I have same problem on a brand new YI home 1080p camera. Yellow led is always on, reset does not work.

Hey @liverpool67 Are you hearing any prompt after you press and hold the reset button? Did you delete the camera from your account when you reset the camera?

How long ago and where did you purchase your cameras?

Hello guys,
i just wonder,did you find a solution for this kind of problem?
I have the same issue with the camera.
I reset the router already. (the wlan is 2,4Ghz)
(And I did not change regions,
I don’t know how to update the firmware on the camera when it won’t connect to the app
I currently did not subscribe)
And I cant reset it, I dont hear any beep after holding the reset button.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Hey @rob_vav I am sorry to hear you having challenges resting your camera. When did you purchase the camera? Where did you purchase it from? If it won’t connect to the app, there’s no way to trigger an OTA firmware update.

Hallo Steven-Kami,
we purchased it in april, 2020 from amazon.
Thanks for your information.

Hey @rob_vav let me send you a direct message with a little more information.

I have the same issue here…

Hey @Claudia I recommend contacting our support team at or emailing Once you do, let me know and I can follow up with our cs team

Same problem here… I tried resetting but the light is still yellow and I don’t hear any sound coming out from Yi home 1080p camera

I would suggest you follow the advice immediately above your post. Thanks

Same here. How can I fix it? I press the reset button and nothing happens. Instead of DMing people can you just post the solution instead?

same problem! Push for a while the reset button and nothing happen. Bought years ago at amazon, with cloud suscription right now!

Same problem. I have press the reset button several times. Disconnet the power cord. But nothing happens. How can I reconnect my camera to my phone?

El mismo problema,
Tengo 2 cámaras, compradas en Amazon, y tras una actualización de Yi Home, dejaron de funcionar. Las tengo en 2 redes wifi diferentes.
Las he eliminado y cuando procedo a incorporarlas es imposible, reseteo, pero no oigo el mensaje. Continuo sin escuchar el mensaje, con la luz amarilla intermitente, selecciono la red wifi de 2,4, y procedo a mostrar el código QR con la luz azul intermitente hasta que se queda fija, posteriormente la app me indica que espere 1 a 2 minutos, pero siempre el resultado es que realice de nuevo un reset a la cámara.

Este proceso lo he realizado más de 20 veces,

¿Por favor, podéis ayudarme?