Can not see the camera by iphone using 5G

My Yi is Yi 1080p Home camera. I dont know why when I am outdise without wifi I can not see the camera through my iphone even the 5G is so strong? Then When phone connected to wifi I can see again? Please help me!!

Hi. What region/country are you in?

What mobile: cell provider do you use?

What make & model of device are you using?

What version of mobile device operating system are you using?

Can you confirm the application software for Yi/Kami is the most recent


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I am in Uk, using iphone 12 promax, it is Yi 1080 camera

Are you on three UK network?

Yes I am on three network

Take a look at the posts on the following search:

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I can see anything. It show as no result found

I mean I can not sorry, what should I do now?


Try this Not loading without WiFi connection

Although it mentions 4g on Three UK and some other UK networks connection to cameras seems sporadic on anything but 3G. You can force iphone to access 3G only.

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I tried But I can not, I just can choose between 4G or 5G, what should I do?

Hi I found the way to force iphone to access 3G only, but the camera still does not work, still 1% loading? Pls help me

It must be that Three UK have removed that option. Although iphone 12 can access 3G networks. Some carriers remove the option to manually default to it.

Is you experience the same on 4G and 5G? I’ve just tried a 4G access point to Three UK and the cameras connected.

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Try to force close the app. Does it work when connected on wifi ?

If force closing it does not work. Reboot iPhone.

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No it does not work, the camera still can not connected even with 3G:((

No it does not work, the camera still can not connected even with 3G:(( yes it work when connected to wifi. I closed the app and open again already

Sorry can I have 1 question? Will that happen for all YI camera model?

It’s a strange one. It means that your phone cannot make a connection to the Yi back end servers. Do you get any other errors or is it just the counter doesn’t go above 1%?

How does it behave on wifi?

Yeh it go 1% up to 35% then back to 1 %, just this problem, with wifi it work normally, You mean even with any other Yi devices it still happening?

Yes this matter is not unique by camera model. It also does not impact all customers or the customers that experience this don’t get this phenomenon all the time either.

It appears to be concentrated on Three UK customers from what I have seen and those on ios. I have seen a couple of examples of UK iOS users on EE - but that is few and far between.

My advice would be to send the issue to Customer Services

Advise them of this thread, the issue and what you have tried. It is very strange though - advise what iPhone you have and the iOS version.

I know myself I have had issues with Three UK 4g but like now I am on 4g and accessing my devices with no issues. So whether it is Three / Yi / iOS / a combination who knows. I know for me the issues only started when I updated iOS.

Hey @Hanh I am sorry to hear that his is lingering and none of the previous troubleshooting suggestions that have had success from the forum are not resolving this issue for you.

Please contact our support team. Once you do, please send me your ticket number and I will be sure the team addresses it as quickly as possible.