Base station won't pair with app

I recently purchased the Kami Wire-Free Camera (Model: WK101). I was trying to set up the base station, but it won’t pair with the app. I have it directly plugged into my router (with the supplied Cat5 cable). The port is receiving data as indicated by the flashing green light. The base station has power, as indicated by the blinking light on the right. The middle indicator is solid as it should be. I continue to get the message base station not found. Please confirm network connection. My phone is connected over WiFi to the router the base station is plugged into. I submitted a ticket to customer service several days ago, but have yet to receive a reply. Any suggestions?

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Can you uninstall your app, then, reinstall?

You’ve tried a number of troubleshooting solutions. We may need to escalate this and open a ticket with our support team.

Keep us posted.

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, but the base station still won’t pair.

I am sorry to hear that. The best thing to do would be to contact our technical support team. They would be happy to help you get this resolved & if they can’t get it resolved, escalate the issue further.

Thanks for your patience & support!


Have you got your support reference number please? @Steven_Kami then may be able to escalate this for you to see what is happening with your case.

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Right on @YorkshireUser!

If you can share the ticket #, ill follow up with our support team and get this moving forward.

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My Ticket # is 500777

Hey @gdaymte Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We are currently in the process of finding a resolution. We will respond to your ticket shortly.