Base station won't pair with app

Hey @Skyliner That sounds super frustrating. I am sorry to hear you’re having troubles. The best next step would be to reach out to our customer service team at

It may require a swap out of cameras. Let me know if you have any questions.

I did send a report of the problem to, is that the same thing?

Yes it is! Did they supply you with a ticket number when you sent the message @Skyliner?

We had a small glitch yesterday with that email address. If you did NOT get an automated response, please resend the email.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

I did not get an automated reply and ticket number. Message sent again.

Can you share your ticket number? @Skyliner

I haven’t got one yet.

Let me send you a quick message to grab a little info from you to help us navigate.

Please check you forum DM inbox.

I’m still waiting to hear from you guys. What more do you need?

Hello. Did you check your forum inbox? @Steven_Kami was to send you a message here. If not this will be a reminder for him :wink:

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The last I heard from Steven was when he sent me an email asking for my email address??

Then I heard from “Sabrina” basically asking me to try all the things that are in the manual that I have tried for a couple months now. I replied to her the next day telling her as much. Six days later I got an email saying she hadn’t heard from me and I must resolved my problem. Not so.

I just sent them a video of me doing what the manual says and I’m waiting for a reply.

@Steven_Kami looping you in mate

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Hey @Skyliner I apologize for any delay. I asked our team to look into this when you share your email. I will put some pressure on our team to make sure this gets addressed immediately.

I will keep you posted on any progress I have with our team.

You keep asking me to “Share” my email. Are you asking me to post it here on the forum? You must have it because I get emails from you. Do you not read the replies from those emails?

OK I give up. If any of you out there would like these cameras you can have them for the price of shipping . Otherwise I’m going to put them in the trash. There is probably nothing wrong with them, I just can’t get then to work and I’ve spent way too much time on them. Let me know.

I’ll send you a direct message on the forum. Check your inbox. If we can’t get it to pair, we have another option for you.