1080p YI Camera crackling/static sound?

Hi, recently i picked up 2 of the 1080p Yi cameras, they were super easy to setup and start using.

The problem is when I am watching the camera in live time, there is a very loud crackling/static noise coming from the feed. This issue is happening with both cameras, I have tried updating, changing power block, power cable, and moving the cameras around the house. Everything I have tried has not helped.

This issue also happens about 50% of the recorded time (When the camera does the 6 second recording) usually fine for the first half then it will start.

Has anyone had any experience with this or any other ideas I should try?


Hey @zSpencerr thanks for coming to our community forum for assistance! Great place to learn & share. Static coming from the feed is definitely interesting and I could see how that would be annoying pretty quick.

Lets start by asking a few questions to help us understand and figure out the best course of action.

What is the power source to the camera? Did this happen when powered by the cable we sent with the camera?
Is the Wifi Router set to 2.4ghz or 5g? What about your phone? Newer phones will pick up 5g has a default setting. Try connecting to 2.4ghz
How far away from the wifi router are the cameras?
How many walls inbetween the cameras and the wifi router?

Thank you so much for your patience and assistance to help us better understand what the issue is. We have an incredibly helpful community as well.

Hope you are having a great start to the week!

Hi Steven, thanks for the reply.

So currently we have the wifi bands separated. I have both cameras on the 2.4ghz band, and also keep my phone on the 2.4 band.

The modem is in a bedroom which is right beside the living room where the camera is located. So 1 wall between the 2.

The static can be heard while at home on the wifi, and when out on lte data.

We are using the supplied power cables that came with the product. I have also tried my own and this did not change anything

Hey @zSpencerr Thanks for the information. That is super helpful. I am going to send you a direct message so we can get to the bottom of this.

Check your inbox in the forum :slight_smile:

I feel like I’ve had this same problem and for a while now with 2 of the Kami 1080P Dome Cams as well as point where audio drops out or the data rate comes to a sudden stop and 30 seconds to minutes pass and regular Yi home cams work fine. I’m not sure why this convo went radio silent but I would love to hear the answers or suggested troubleshooting steps to eliminate the device as just being poorly designed or built. So lets get to it…

First I went through layer 1, verified physical/logical connections from the camera network to my ISPs home-run cable into my home.

I checked my router for packets crossing the terrain and traffic was good. All firewall ports required open are good. No conflicts with IP addresses, no spoofed MACs either.

I’ve swapped cameras with other model Yi and Wyze cameras and they are fully functional in the same locations, same power source, same power cables, and same time, with combinations of external factors applied thought the entire troubleshooting process like distances, times of day. I’ve dedicated bandwidth priority, given static IPs to devices, and demilitarized them. Variants of those steps as well.

I stepped it up a notch by turning off all other 2.4 and 5Ghz devices, walked around with at floor-plans of my home and portable spectrum analyzer and created a heat map to measure RF signal strength at 2x2 grid layout/ref point. I have great coverage in the areas the cams are in. I’ve checked for spurious freqs and co-channel from nearby neighbor routers and that’s when I started to realize what I believe is the cause of the static. What I saw was basically better results at certain junctions but not any single point were these moments significant enough to say yes, that was the issue and here’s how to avoid or fix.

My private network starts out super easy to support, all routing and or switching is comprised of Netgear devices only. I have a 400Mb pipe into my home. Results were seen after I configured the router for 2.4 band isolation, meaning I shut off the 5Ghz and stuff started staying online with not much interference on any cams for this part. I should mention that I have approx. 55-60 devices on my network and about 25-30 are connected via wireless 2.5/5Gh. My router (Nighthawk X10 aka R9000) is able to provide 2.4 and 5Ghz signals with 4 antenna utilizing QPSK which is why the device count matters. Now this sounds complicated in a way but it’s not. There are only a few unused freqs in both bands (more in 5Ghz) which means having a ton of wireless devices and, your devices are dependent on one or the other band it is a problem for Yi cams ability to receive and maintain a network connection. If you have a ton of devices on 2.4 and no QoS for the cams themselves, its going to be interference due to bandwidth limitations at some point. If its 5Gz as your main pool for devices (rare) the its possible cochannel spacing which happens, or again, devices competing for that sweet 5ghz “time on air” Routers can only send and receive to a certain number of users, some routers manage this by quickly progressing through clients supper fast but again, there is a limit on how many clients it can handle without degradation of service. The Nighthawk X10 was my main router, and it is exceptional for anyone probably around 20-25 devices max. I went on and upgraded routers to the latest Netgear AX12. I basically mirrored the setup from one router to the other and left all device settings and passwords and all 55 devices walked onto the AX12 network with no dropped signals dupe IP addresses etc. I can swap through all 13 of my Yi Cameras along with downloading larger files on any of my laptops, as well as streaming services on tablets, PCs etc. Not one glitch for several hours straight. So, no signal droppings or interference but static is still present on only those two cameras. The QPASK expands the number of devices in the router’s capacity. So, the evidence all tells me that it’s the microphone and/or speaker layout. Or it could be a poorly tested mic that’s picking up levels which can’t be filtered by the crap processor found inside the cams themselves. I’m almost tempted to open one up and swap mics from another cam that sounds good. Put that bad camera speaker in a known good cam housing and see if the static moves with it. I’ll return the Yi Dome cams I bought to Amazon and keep Wyze for PTZ unless someone can explain what the problem is and how to fix or mitigate this annoying sound!

I had this problem too & tracked the source to an LED porch light I had. I switched the LED bulbs with another & all has been OK (so far…)


@sillsmack ok thanks, was it a smart bulb or just a regular? We do have smart lights setup in the same room as the camera.

Hello All - thanks for the feedback and glad to see the community coming together.

@sillsmack Thanks for the helpful tip! Thats really interesting. Also, since zSpencerr also has smart lightbulbs in the room.

@zSpencerr Can you test a new light bulb in the same room and see if this resolves the static noise? It would be super helpful

Are the smart bulbs Zigbee (like Philip Hue) or wifi (like Belkin Wemo) I have both in my environment and moved them close to a Yi camera and I don’t suffer any static on any of the cameras.

Do you have any other equipment that could cause interference? Also what age is your mains electrical wiring?

@Steven_Kami I have removed all light bulbs from the room with the camera and there is still static coming from it. Not sure what else to do.

Hey @zSpencerr I will send you a direct message about this. Please check your forum inbox.

Many thanks for your patience.

I had 3 outdoor Yi cameras that used to do the same thing. Sounded like the hum from the pool filter next door or close by in another yard. Got used to it since the filters are not in use in the wintertime. Never could figure out where the noise came from on all 3 cameras. Also, sometimes I’d get the odd green screen flash while in playback but I couldn’t reproduce it when trying again. I truly believe they are not very well made. For me, they didn’t quite last three years. I’m currently shopping for something else as they stopped working completely following a power failure.

Hey @Tenderfoot77 Thanks for coming to the community. I am sorry to hear that you’ve had a poor experience. We’d like to do our best to turn that around.

When did you purchase the cameras? And, are you a cloud subscriber?

What was the power source to the cameras?
How far from your router were they?
Were you connected to 2.4ghz or 5g?

I hope you’re having a nice day so far. Thank you, again for coming to the community

Just purchased 2 of the 1080p yi cameras. One is fine the other crackles. Everything is on 2.4 and using the cables that came with the cameras. Have moved the camera all around the house and it keeps crackling

That sounds frustrating @Garyp I am sorry to hear that.

Is the crackling sound happening all the time?
Do you have any smart outlets in your house? (random question I know)

We may need to just swap that camera out for a new one. Can you reach out to our customer support at www.kamihome.com/contact

I sent a message through the link a few days ago but no reply. Yes the crackling is happening all the time and no smart outlets being used

Hey @Garyp Thanks for your patience. I will send you a quick DM on the forum to grab some info from you in order to move this forward. :slight_smile:

Not sure if you sent a DM yet but i haven’t recieved anything. Email nay be easier

I sent it 2 days ago. Do not see a response. Would you like to email me at steven@kamivision.com from your email account on file with us?

Hi! My camera is also making crackling sound all the time, day or night use. We don’t have any smart bulbs. We tried using a different phone and put the cam in another area, but still it is producing the annoying crackly noise.