Yi U Dome Pro : unable to connect to my account

Waiting to connect> QR Code scan is successful > Connecting to wifi > then auto restart > waiting to connect…

U Dome Pro unable to add(working previously then i try to restart the camera then it is not working anymore, other 1080 home camera still working without issues, even rejoin no issues)
Proof that is working, i made a vlog about it last year…

  1. Tried restarting the camera
  2. tried restarting the wifi network
  3. Tried hard reset the camera multiple times
  4. tried different power brick
  5. tried with sim and without sim

i need help… :frowning:

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Hmmm that is very strange. I am sorry to hear you’re having issues after a reset.

Are you connecting on 2.4ghz or 5g? Connect on 2.4 then switch to 5g after connected
Can you check your wifi settings to see if anything has changed?

I tried both 2.4ghz and 5ghz, then tried connecting to 2.4ghz switch to 5ghz after connected and vice versa, nothing seems to work, no changes in my wifi settings, im still able to add or rejoin my yi 1080p home cameras…

I recommend reaching out to our customer support team at www.kamihome.com/contact. If the camera is defective, we can get you a replacement/