YI Tablet APP removed from store


My tablet (Fire HD 8) updated YI app recently and my YI app got deleted and can’t be found on the store (Google or Amazon).

Why the app isn’t on store anymore?

Not sure if you mean Google Play but sometimes an app might not have been listed as compatible so is not shown. In that case you would need to check with Yitechnology support.

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Hello @loce and welcome to the community!
Amazon Fire Tablet has its own AppStore and not all apps are available in their AppStore. And yes, to confirm this you may send an email to the support team at Support@yitechnology.com.

I’ve encountered problems using the Yi Home app on my tablet as usual so tried to update and found that the App was missing. When I went into the Google play store link for the app I was advised that the app was removed due to incompatibility.

So, I emailed Yi support and it would seem that these cameras and the app no longer support use on tablets. The “Solution” was to only use a mobile phone or the desktop app. So they’ve removed support for most devices (quote: “iPad, Kindle tablets, Android tablets, Smart TV, or Chromebooks”).

I asked if they would be rectifying this but support have since ignored me.