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Hello MattiB,

Yes, we have plans on supporting the Apple Homekit. Target is around 3rd quarter of 2020.



This is exciting to hear. What about Google home etc?

Hi @MilkinMore! YI Home is currently supported!

Really? I don’t see an option for google home in camera settings!

@MilkinMore Which camera are you using?

@KamiHome I tried with all my cameras. Kami wire free and my Yi indoor. Cams and my Yi outdoor cam. I can’t find an option to set up to google home.

Hi @MilkinMore, Google Home is not yet supported by Kami (this is in development), it is however currently supported by YI Home. But before you can use Google Home on the app, you must first add the device into your Google Home app. Did you do this before trying to find it in the app?

Hey. @KamiHome yes I have added it to my google home app but still no joy.

I have a concern that needs some addressing! Since the cameras I purchased from your company are not supported on the PC App and only the Phone App, in which I am very disappointed with Yi, refer to all the questions about pc not recognizing cameras! Are there any another App non YI products (third party) that will work with your cameras.

Hey guys. My Yi cameras and my Kami outdoor all have static noises. Is there a fix coming for this. I have tried so many things but it keeps coming back periodically.

Hi @Maddie2913 welcome to our community! We are currently working on a fix for this and we do not recommend third party apps for our cameras. We appreciate your patience as we work on getting this available to you all.

Hi @MilkinMore, could you please email our customer support at support@yitechnology.com, they will work with you to find a solution for both of these issues you mentioned.

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Hi @MilkinMore, here are more detailed instructions for connecting your Goggle Home to your YI Home Cameras.

In order to set up your YI Home cameras to work with Google Assistant, please follow the directions below:

Set up YI Home devices to work with Google Assistant

How to view YI Home cameras on Google Home Hub

Step 1: Create a YI user account and set up a camera

  1. If you haven’t already, please download YI Home app from Google Play and create an account
  2. Follow the instruction to set up camera(s)

Step 2: Connect YI Home devices to Google Assistant

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Tap the + symbol at the top left, to Add a device
  3. Under “Add to home” select the Blue Plus symbol to “Set up device”
  4. In the Set Up page, select “Have something already set up?” at the bottom
  5. In the “Manage accounts” page, find “Yi Home Camera” from the list
  6. In the next step, enter your YI Home user account email and password and authorize Google to access your devices
  7. Select cameras from the list and add to a room

Step 3: Control the YI Home cameras from Google Home Hub

  1. You can give voice commands such as “Okay Google, show me the living room camera”.
  2. To stop viewing the camera, you can say “Okay Google, stop”

I’m asking for help with the firmware. sn CK40HHCNBG1916B4C9E7. I need exactly the firmware DUMP. Through the sd card, it no longer reacts.thanks.


I have two 1080p cameras - one in my kitchen and the other in the spare room so that I can check that one of my cats is eating. I have two cats but one is sick with cancer so I need to check the footage to make sure she is actually eating and it’s not the other cat eating all the food. On the app on my iPhone, I can see alerts for motion for the kitchen camera but when I go into the alert to watch the video clip and then select “complete clip” there is nothing in the cloud! I have tried turning my phone off and on but still nothing. My cloud subscription is up to date and I need to be able to check the video footage otherwise the camera is useless. Please help!

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Hi @AlexBec1 and welcome to our community! Please email support@yitechnology.com so we can take a look at this for you!

Hi @velveteen and welcome to our community! Please email support@yitechnology.com so we can take a closer look for you!

Good morning,

So, I have a Yi Home 3 and it’s connected to my iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS.

My question is, how do I download the videos from Yi Home app? Of course I can tap the record button and wait for 5 minutes, if it’s only 5 minutes video. But, sometimes I need to download hours of videos to track something. Do I need to tap record and wait for hours?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bayumurti94, and welcome to our community! Taping the record button downloads from the SD card, so if you do not have a cloud account, that is the only way to download through the app. But, you could also remove the SD card and copy it to a PC! I hope that answers your question!