YI Outdoor 1080P PTZ Camera

YI Outdoor 1080P PTZ Camera are you joking ? We connected the camera two months ago and it worked for 15 minutes, then we turned it off. She was waiting for her installation time outside and today (via
2 months) we have been trying to connect through all your applications for 3 hours, the camera says “wifi enabled” but the application goes into a notification to restart the camera via reset, and the second application after the cue code starts to calibrate the turn of the head and after the application asks to reset the settings again. we URGENTLY need a working camera

Hello @3dq thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am sorry to hear you’re having issues pairing your device.

Which app is exhibiting which behavior?
When and where did you purchase the camera?
Are you connecting to 2.4ghz wifi or 5g?

Thank you for your patience.

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Deseo comprar 3 cámaras, el enlace me manda a Aliexpress, hago los pasos pero me sale un mensaje indicando que el comprador no ha configurado mi pais como destino, sin embargo ya compre otras 2 camaras. Por favor responder. Gracias

@GuntherYi ¿En que país estas?