YI Outdoor 1080p Camera turns off

Hi, I have a YI Outdoor 1080p Camera that turns itself off between 7:43 p.m. and 6:56 a.m. approximately every day. During that time I can’t view the image and I can’t access the camera settings, it’s like it’s frozen.

I don’t have any scheduling enabled, outside of those hours it works normally.

I know the configuration of the camera because I have another one like it

Any ideas to help?

That is a weir one @pezflander ! No scheduling turned on what so ever? Are you using home/away mode at all? During those hours, there are no wifi problems?

I have discovered that the camera stops working if night mode (infrared) is activated. When it dawns and there is enough light to deactivate the infrared, it works again.

If I deactivate the night mode it works 24h, at night too (but logically nothing is seen).

The camera is defective, isn’t it?

It sounds like it @pezflander How long ago did you purchase and from where?

@pezflander Are you a cloud subscriber? Cloud sub has replacement options if outside of warranty.

I finally returned the camera, it was under warranty.


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