Yi Outdoor 1080 camera reset button broken


I recently changed my WiFi network. I went to reset the camera and the the reset button is broken. Pressing it doesn’t make the LED change to yellow.

Is there any other way to reset the camera? Or is it a gonner.


Hey @cj1410 oh no! That sounds frustrating. You can manually update the firmware via the app and this will reset the camera. If you select “Settings” in your app for the camera in question, then find “Camera Settings”. Update your firmware. If this doesn’t work, we will open up a ticket with our support team and do whatever we can to get your straightened out.

Thanks for your patience and help to resolve this challenge

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Hi Steven.

Thanks a lot for the response.

The problem with that is I removed them from the app so I could re-add them :pensive:.

I did read somewhere that the firmware could be upgraded via the microSD card, but I don’t know how true that is.



Hey @cj1410 talking with our team here and there is way to upgrade the firmware via microSD card but we would need to send you the firmware. We have seen people run into a few challenges with trying this method so we really have moved away from suggesting this a method. (just spoke with our team about it)

I think the best next step would be to contact our support team at www.kamihome.com/contact and inform them about your broken reset button. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello @cj1410, how are you doing?
I’m facing exactly the same issue. Were you able to workaround this? I have contacted Kami support (As recommended by @Steven_Kami) but they haven’t provided any solution yet, and I’m getting a little bit worried.
Any information will be highly appreciated!

Hey @jiber thanks for coming to the forum for more info. I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your reset button. When you contacted our support team, they provided a ticket number. Can you please share that ticket number with me? I will do some digging, find out more, and get you a solution one way or the other.

These are the ticket number they porivded: 585917 and 587280
Thanks for your kind support!

Hey @jiber You mentioned in your ticket with our support that you’re an annual kami cloud subscriber. This subscription comes with an extended hardware warranty which your camera falls under. I am going to send you the replacement requirements through our support system so we can get you a new cam. :slight_smile: let me know if you have any questions.

Hello, I have a similar problem w/ a brand new Yi 1080p Home. I cannot pair, I never hear the voice message, and reset button does nothing. Yellow light reamins, never blinks. Where can I get the firmware? On the official website firware for this model does not exist.

Hello. Have you attempted any troubleshooting guidance?


Firmware may or may not help in this circumstance and it is not always necessary.

Firmware can be provided by Yi (Kami) Customer Services contact them here

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Yes, I followed the guide. Again, the problem is I connect the camera (I tried different cables), yellow light is always On. When I began the paring process, the message “Waiting to connect” is never heard. And however long I press the reset, the Yellow LED is permanently on.
I also contacted support@kamihome.com > but they replied sending me the general pairing guide without considering the error I’ve just described.

So this is a brand new device that never connected. I am assuming it’s not been sat for a while until you set it up?

Was this bought brand new by you? If so I would go back to the retailer and ask for a replacement. If not you could try Yi customer services. It sounds like the camera is faulty if it is brand new.

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Yes, brand new. I bought it online.

Can I ask where you bought it from. I assume from your username you are British based so was it from YI direct or from Amazon UK?

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@liverpool67 when did you purchase this camera?

Steven, I have the same problem with my Yi Dome 1080p cam… Reset button is broken, I opened the cam but still no solution… I can not connect to cam and cannot reset either, blue button is blinking… Is there any other way to reset my cam (via maybe sd card or from the mainboard itself? By the way this is my 6th cam, others are 720p and reset buttons are working fine for the last 4 years time, I just bought this and it is broken…

Hey @AGK If you just bought it, lets get you a replacement. Contact our support team at www.kamihome.com/contact or email support@kamihome.com

Hi my dome cam isnt working properly ( I already buy bundling package for next 3years in kami cloud), so i try to hard reset the cam, and i remove the camera from my yi home apps, but when i try to hard reset the camera, the reset button isnt work, and now i can’t have access to my cctv, can u help me thanks

Hello. You would be best to contact customer support about this matter


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Hey @Arydwi As a cloud subscriber, you get a pretty customer-friendly replacement option. Contact support, let them know you a cloud subscriber, the button is broken and you want a replacement. Our team will get one out to you ASAP